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Welding Poetry: KAO TSAN-HSING Retrospective Exhibition

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Post date:2017-06-15



Welding Poetry: KAO TSAN-HSING Retrospective Exhibition
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No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd. Gallery 3A&3B, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

Born in 1945, the diligent and devoted sculptor Kao Tsan-Hsing uses welding and cutting techniques to reveal the characteristic nature of steel and establish his artistic style. His prominence in the history of modern Taiwanese sculpture arises from his independence as an artist and the unique sculptural qualities of his work. In a statement about his formal concepts, Kao offered the incisive observation, “With the pursuit of modern steel sculpture, life's intrinsic phenomena are analyzed and developed. In my work I use a repurposing concept to form non-representational structures which attain the spiritual realm.” Kao has been developing his surging and passionate sculpture since the 1970s, and from these sculptures, developed massive public art works. Especially vivid, his recent series consists of discarded steel plates and dies collected from automobile factories and then welded together. With these, he forms green and rounded objects with pliant finger-like attenuations made from patinated wire to suggest moss. He then gives the works lyrical names, which cleverly open unlimited, imaginative space with respect to form and metal sculpture.


Kao Tsan-Hsing Retrospective Exhibition presents the artist's explorations over the course of his career and a comprehensive analysis of his artistic concepts. Since the 1970s, Kao has developed his surging and impassioned sculpture, advancing from Taiwan to the international art world and participating in many important exhibitions both at home and abroad. For this exhibition, works have been borrowed from various museums, galleries and collectors, as well as from the artist's own collection. More than fifty sculptures, mixed media works, installations have been carefully selected, representing various stages in the artist's career from the 1970s until today, to create a comprehensive presentation of his oeuvre. The exhibition is divided into the following themes: SculpturePublic Art,Welding Songs, and The Beauty of Tools.


  • Date:  2017/03/25 - 2017/06/25
  • Venue:  Gallery 3A&3B
Welding Poetry: KAO TSAN-HSING Retrospective Exhibition

Welding Poetry: KAO TSAN-HSING Retrospective Exhibition


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