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Exquisite Stones of Formosa Exhibition

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Post date:2017-06-16



Exquisite Stones of Formosa Exhibition
Event Time
National Taiwan Museum
Event Location
No.2, Xiangyang Rd (Floor 1, G101 . Floor 1, G102), Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Exquisite Stones of Formosa Exhibition
Gemstones of Taiwan
Taiwan, situated at the collision belt between the Philippine Sea plate and the Eurasian plate since several million years ago, was created together with Mt Yushan at 3952 meters and numerous mountainous islands. In between, complex geological processes have generated rock strata containing deposits of gold, copper, gems and precious stones.
In recent years, many mineral deposits with multifarious colors and veins in Eastern Taiwan have been mined and appropriately chiseled, selected, and designed, to transform into beautiful and elegant carved stones or stone paintings. Such an astounding combination of nature and art to produce literary and artistic works has become so popular that the products are routinely collected and used for decoration.
Therefore, the National Taiwan Museum undertakes a special task to present this special exhibition to educate the public of Taiwan's common gems and stone minerals, by delving into their species, mining locations and explaining how they are formed. Specifically, exquisite products obtained by using the gems and stones from Eastern Taiwan are highlighted, leading people to appreciate the natural beauty of stone art and understand the artistic value contained therein.
According to the Bureau of Mines of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, mineral resources mined for economic value can be divided into three categories: "energy minerals" comprising coal, petroleum and natural gas; “metallic minerals” comprising gold, silver, copper and iron; “non-metallic minerals” comprising sulphur, iron sulphide, marble, dolostone, limestone, feldspar, talc, serpentinite, precious stones, asbestos, gypsum, porcelain clay, silica sand, mica, etc, numbering more than twenty species.
Among the precious stones made from minerals in Taiwan, the relatively famous ones include five types: Taiwan jade formed from amphiboles, Taiwan black jade formed from serpentines and magnetite-derived, Wen Stone formed from a variety of carbonate and silicate minerals, Manganese-rich rocks (Rose stone) formed from manganese minerals, and chalcedony formed from silicon dioxide.
Huilan Stone Art Festival
Nature’s Masterpieces
The sheer strength of nature presses the rocks together tightly, and this together with ideal temperature conditions, produces a symbiosis of different mineral ores and colors. Stone slice art and light-infused stone slice art reveal a secret masterpiece of nature. Enthusiasts of these elegant stones will choose their very own masterpiece from nature according to their own perception and experience of beauty. They will frame it and share its beauty with others. 
Splash Ink Landscapes
Nature has freely and uninhibitedly created these stone slice tableaus, just like the pen and ink artists splashing ink to create their works of art without restrictions. Splashed with ink and color, the stone slice landscape paintings appear to echo the literati paintings of ancient China. They reflect the thinking of those scholars of the time, who sought to be unrestrained, and who did not stick to rigid form or shape. It perhaps echoes a feeling that sits within our own hearts; it is an expression of our desire for romance and our dream of freedom. 
Stone Sculpting in Hualien and Taitung
The areas of Hualien and Taitung are rich in mineral ores. The stone sculptors who reside there in the long-term use the local rocks and their own aesthetic experiences to create sculptures that reflect upon the unique local environment and customs. They also create art that is an interpretation of their emotions about life, creations that display their individual stone sculpting flairs. After reaping the rewards of holding many international stone sculpture festivals and after the accumulation of creative experience by local sculptors, Hualien, therefore, deserves the result of becoming a city internationally well-known for stone sculpting.


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