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2017 Dadaocheng Summer Art Festival Arrives at URS 127

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Post date:2017-06-29



2017 Dadaocheng Summer Art Festival Arrives at URS 127
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, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

The urban regeneration base URS 127 Art Factor will host the “2017 Dadaocheng Summer Art Festival” between June 17 and July 2.

A total of 13 pieces of artworks will be on display at the venue, while a series of urban regeneration initiatives will commence around Dadaocheng area, inviting residents to explore the new facets of the City’s former business hub.

According to Urban Regeneration Office, URS 127 Art Factor has been organizing the summer art fest since 2016. Artists enrolled in the project will create artworks inspired by their observations of the historical block, whether in the perspectives of local beliefs, history, traditional industries, or architectural landscape.

In addition, URS 127 has incorporated resources from 52 local stores and two URS bases to publish the “Dadaocheng Fun Booklet” in an effort to introduce visitors to the unique atmosphere of the neighborhood which fuses the old and new. Through a stamp rally, participants can learn about the traits of various Dadaocheng tourist attractions during their quest of discovering artifacts recommended by the organizers.

The festival is injected with more cultural flavors, given a series of activities being held simultaneously by URS 27W Film Range, URS 155 Cooking Together, and URS 329 Rice & Shine featuring topics ranging from story-telling about the late Taiwanese activist Chiang Wei-shui to cooking experience to ceramics workshops.

To learn more about 2017 Dadaocheng Summer Art Festival, visit the Facebook fan page of the event (, URS 127 (, or Village Taipei (

For inquiries, call 02-27815696, ext. 3125 or 02-77308830, ext. 2025


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