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Luminophore‘s Travel Sim Chang Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2018-01-24



Luminophore‘s Travel Sim Chang Solo Exhibition
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1 Hsueh-Yuan Road., Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

In my dreams, I can never finish the tests. I contemplate anxiously, finding it difficult to come up with answers. In my tireless attempt to squeeze one out, I suddenly realize that I am in a dream. After I finally wake up, there is a perpetual sense of alienation - a sense that I have lost my way.

In all the years that I have made art, I have been helpless in knowing that the society does not need me. In the movie Modern Times, humans are tiny screws within the giant machine. But in real life, I somehow fail to find my place.

I am used to cocooning at home, observing the world in the flow of information behind a screen - as in the movie Rear Window, where Jeff watches through glass windows a world that does not belong to him.

I started to travel from one city to another. In these cities, the traces of time are enchanting, and the bustling voices of people is a vibrant sight to see. But I am an observer after all, like a touch-screen device - as you slide your finger across, you move from this scene to the next. It seems that everything is in plain sight, but after you release the shutter, you realize you don’t own a thing. It could be me in these pictures, or anybody.

The subjects continue to illuminate - it represents a fleeing second as well as eternity.

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