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Very Fun Park Contemporary Art Exhibition

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Post date:2018-05-02



Very Fun Park  Contemporary Art Exhibition
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Xinyi Shopping District, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The theme for the 2018 Very Fun Park is "Faces of the City". It  depicts the many faces of the city through art and the artists’ feelings towards the city. With the support of Taipei City Government and the Xinyi shopping district, , the exhibition involves the 2.3 kilometers-long Xinyi Skywalk and two cultural scenic spots – Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Four Four South Village, and a future cultural site - A25. Ten artists from Taiwan, the USA, France, the UK, Australia and Israel convey their own interpretation of the surroundings through the use of color and various materials and approaches. The skywalk begins with realistic paintings that are gradually replaced with simplistic abstract movements, making a stroll on the skywalk an educational experience that introduces various artistic creative processes. The two recreational attractions in the Xinyi District – Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the Four Four South Village nearby and the A25 echo the faces of the urban dwellers. They reflect the fast and globalized pace of life in the city, while also reflecting people's desire to stop and slow down. 

Very Fun Park has invited artists to make bald attempts and proposals in the city. The skywalk also demonstrate the ambition to integrate and contour, so resources can be shared. They also slowly converge the crowd  and encourage them to keep walking, with the awareness that they are mutually influential and related. The flow of the crowd creates opportunities and endless possibilities. The exhibition runs from March through May. As people welcome the spring with the goodness of art,, they will be prompted to linger on the skywalk and savor the joy of art.

Launched in 2000, Very Fun Park Contemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei East District is a Taiwanese idea born in Hong Kong in 1999. In the Millennium, the idea materialized at the Australia Contemporary Art Center, before returning to Taiwan to take root in the laneways of Taipei East District. This year, the skywalk  art project in Xinyi District remains true to its  original intent as the bearer of beautiful and happy experiences, inspiring  fondness of this city that we live in. The 2018 Very Fun Park sparks imagination that infuses life with hope, which echoes the thesis and statement of this event - Its a happy place! Whatever life changes turns out to be, happiness will always be nourishing and nourishing. Come spring March of 2018 see you there on the skywalk! Join us on the 2.3km walk on this joyful city bridge. 

Very Fun Park  Contemporary Art ExhibitionVery Fun Park  Contemporary Art Exhibition

Very Fun Park  Contemporary Art Exhibition

Very Fun Park  Contemporary Art Exhibition

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