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My River, My Home

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Post date:2018-10-22



My River, My Home
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知行路 水岸公園廣場, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
National University of the Arts (TNUA) has been relocated to Kuandu area for 36 years. We have supported and educated generations of outstanding art expressions and professionals over decades. Besides educational works, TNUA also aspires to exercise its social responsibilities to the local area.

Since 2015, TNUA collaborates with local entities and organizations, including Kuandu Temple, ASUS, Tzu-Chi and DaAi TV, and Guandu Nature Park, as well as local residents in Kuandu and Yide neighborhoods to organize our own festival.

My River, My Home

Basin is about time and space.
Collective memories in the common area grow along the river in our community
Theme this year, My River My Home, invites everyone to review our community and coexistence experiences with waterways. We represent the close connections between river and community in artistic ways. After decades of changes in environment, industry and population, we are still tightly connected to water. Histories, memories and stories help us realize how Kuandu is influenced by Tamsui River. We can also reflect on how important water is to modern life. This is a festival that highlights local features, community awareness, and human relationship, in order to build a sustainable lifestyle among river, nature and people.

│Bus: Take shuttle buss at Exit 1 of MRT Kuandu Station
│Bike: Take U-Bike at Exit 1 of MRT Kuandu Station, return the bike at Kuandu Nature Park station, and walk to Kuandu Riverside Park Plaza.

│Notice: Traffic will be controlled from 09:00 to 13:00 on the day for parade. Please take public transportation or walk to the events.


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