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Guling Street Books and Creativity Bazaar (December 15 – 16)

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Post date:2018-12-13



Guling Street Books and Creativity Bazaar (December 15 – 16)
Event Time
Event Location
Guling Street (between Nanhai Road intersection and Ningbo W. Street intersection), Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The 2018 Guling Street Books and Creativity Bazaar will take place during the weekend of December 15! The closed-street annual marketplace boasting indie books, used books, creative handicrafts, and talk shows is a great place to spend the weekend!
According to the organizers, the participating booths this year have exceeded 100 in numbers. Stalls feature goods and services such as used books, coins and stamps, charity, publication showcase, handicraft works, indie publishers, and art magazines. Activities also include various roadside forums, craftwork demonstrations, street performances, and even urban ecology tours.

Since its inauguration in 2000, the localized books and creative goods festival has promoted community culture and innovation. Beginning with assistance provided by the students and faculty of NTU Graduate Institute of Building and Planning during its early days, the bazaar saw the involvement of the staff of Nanhai Gallery in 2005 and quickly became a base for creative markets across the island.

In 2009, it integrated the concept of an exhibition for indie books, combining modern art performance, creative handicraft, independent publishing, and art periodicals to create a grass root movement pushing for communications in the public domain within Taipei´s south town.

As the bazaar take place on a closed street, the organizers encourage visitors to take public transportation to the venue. Individuals can disembark at MRT CKS Memorial Hall Station, and the event venue is a short walk from Exit 2 in the direction of Nanhai Road.

The 18th Guling Street Books and Creativity Bazaar
│Date and Time: December 15 (10 AM – 9 PM), December 16 (10 AM – 5 PM)
│Opening Ceremony: 11 AM on Saturday, December 15
│Venue: Guling Street (between Nanhai Road intersection and Ningbo W. Street intersection)

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