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‘The Intrepid Enlightener: The Architecture Work of Chen Jen-ho’s Era’

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Post date:2019-03-22



‘The Intrepid Enlightener: The Architecture Work of Chen Jen-ho’s Era’
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No.2, Xiangyang Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Chen Jen-ho (陳仁和, 1922-1989) was a post-war significant architect, who had studied at Waseda University, it was the only Japanese institute that Taiwanese students were allowed to attend. Before started his own architectural firm in 1951. Spanning educational facilities, religious centers, public spaces, and personal residences, his works concluded different kinds of regional characteristics in Taiwan.

Nowaday, we can only find his work in southern Taiwan, including the towering Kaohsiung Buddhist Hall (1955); the daringly slanted Tung-Kang Catholic Mission in Taitung(1960); a curvaceous, multi-tiered "wave building" for Kaohsiung's San Hsin High School of Commerce and Home Economics(1963); and the efficiently partitioned, three-level rotund building of Kaohsiung Fengshan Meat(1977).

The Vice Minister appriciated Chen's descents for donating all the precious blueprints and manuscripts. This exhibition is based on first-handed materials to convey the Chen's life through his works , architectural influences, and design aspirations. Miniaturized 12 sites to be on display to relay Chen's attentiveness to detail and user experience and his willingness to experiment with shape and form.

The Chen family's collection will be preserved by the National Taiwan Museum as part of its flagship program to solicit photographs and related documentation pertaining to post-World War II architecture in Taiwan.

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