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Soothing Dancing Lady – Shilin Residence Oncidium Orchid Show

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Post date:2019-05-23



Soothing Dancing Lady – Shilin Residence Oncidium Orchid Show
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, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
As spring nears its end, the scent of summer permeates the air. In welcoming the summer, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) of the Public Works Department will be hosting the Oncidium Orchid Show at the New Orchid Pavilion of Shilin Residence from May 17 to June 9.

The Oncidium orchid is also known as the dancing lady. Over 500 specimens of oncidium orchids across 20 species will be exhibited, featuring a diverse selection of colors, textures, and shapes. Everyone is welcome to catch a glimpse of the vibrant, dazzling dancing ladies.

PSLO Director Chen Jung-hsing remarked that Shilin Residence holds numerous unique flower shows every year. The early summer show features oncidium orchids, which are known for their unique flower shape resembling a dancer wearing a long dress, therefore sometimes referred to as the dancing lady orchid, symbolizing discreet love, happiness, and a carefree attitude. The oncidium orchid is a type of epiphytic orchid originating in Mexico, Brazil, and Bolivia, with over 700 species. Due to its rich colors and patterns, as well as long flowering period, compact size, and slender stem that sways in the gentle breeze, its elegant demeanor makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

According to Director He Chi-hua of Horticulture Management Division of the PSLO, in addition to the common “lime green” yellow oncidium orchid, Taiwan’s exclusive Purple King oncidium orchid is also part of the exhibition. The rare purple color of the petals is patented and extremely rare in Taiwan, with most of them exported to Japan. Cultivated by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, the Snow White oncidium orchid has white labellum, large flowers and a long flowering period, and is the public sector's first cut oncidium orchid to obtain the Japanese PVR, making it the no. 1 exported oncidium orchid in Taiwan. The Wildcat ‘Golden Red Star’ oncidium orchid sports reddish-brown petals complemented by golden color at the end; the petals are covered in a waxy texture and have a long flowering period. The Yuki Sakura oncidium orchid is a type of Sharry Baby that resembles cherry blossoms in the snow and emanates a mild chocolatey fragrance. The Panda oncidium orchid has black labellum and yellow petals, resembling the sparkling eyes of a panda. Over 20 species of vibrantly colored oncidium orchids are awaiting your appreciation.

The Oncidium Orchid Show will be held until the end of the Dragon Boat Festival. Citizens are welcome to visit the Shilin Residence to view the orchids. Experience the dancing ladies’ passion and romance, and forget all your worries!

Shilin Residence Orchid Show
Exhibition period: May 17 (Friday) to June 9 (Sunday), 2019 08:30-17:00
Exhibition venue: New Orchid Pavilion of Shilin Residence (No. 60, Fulin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City)
1、Within 7 minutes walking distance from exit 2, MRT Shilin Station.
2、For Pulbic Bus, please search for Taiwan Power Company Northern Taipei District Office Station, Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence Station, and Xiaobei Street Station.

In a bid to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction, please make use of MRT and public transportation as much as possible


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