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Cat Art by Shu Yamamoto Opens in Taipei Expo Park

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Post date:2019-06-27



Cat Art by Shu Yamamoto Opens in Taipei Expo Park
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No. 1, Yumen St. , Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Taipei City Animal Protection Office Invites Cat Lovers to Celebrate Summer Together!

It is our illusion when the main characters from famous paintings such as Mona Lisa, The Gleaners, and Girl with a Pearl Earring turn into cats? Nope, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes! The Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO) has collaborated with UdnFunLife for the first time to invite Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto to present his cat-inspired “Cat Art by Shu Yamamoto” exhibition at the Taipei Expo Park, starting on June 21. The element of Taipei as an animal-friendly city was incorporated into the exhibition, and the very first Cat-themed Animal-friendly Bus (Route 279) is provided to citizens for them to experience the rich feline culture!

The exhibition also invites the owners of dogs and cats that were adopted from the Taipei Animal Shelter to re-visit the shelter and experience the Cat-themed Animal-friendly Bus (Route 279) with Bravo. The public is encouraged to make use of public transport when traveling and attending exhibitions. As a gesture of appreciation to Taipei City for promoting an animal-friendly city, Shu Yamamoto presented the sketch of Cat Art by Shu Yamamoto to Taipei City Government at the press conference, and he also personally accompanied the guests to the EcoARK, where he offered a guided tour of the artwork The Kitty with the Pearl Earring, allowing them to appreciate the artwork’s creative philosophy.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Economic Development Wu Hsin-pei, the exhibition integrates animal protection with culture and art to promote the animal-friendly image of Taipei City from an aesthetic perspective. Interesting approaches are applied to let the public experience the “Artistic World of Cats,” hopefully providing them with a better understanding of the City’s animal protection policy. The APO stated that the Cat-themed Animal-friendly Bus will operate for a period of 3 months, and a total of 3 buses will randomly serve as a “Cat Fine Arts Museum on Wheels” along Route 279. If citizens see the mobile museum-like Cat-themed Animal-friendly Buses, don’t forget to check-in or scan the QR code on the bus in order to search for the location of animal-friendly stores in Taipei City. Besides taking the bus to attend the exhibitions, they can also take their pets to travel to various destinations.

The APO indicated that citizens will also be able to view a variety of animal protection-related films, seeking to raise awareness on the importance of animal protection through the immersive audio-visual entertainment. Cat lovers are welcome to seize this rare opportunity to celebrate summertime at the EcoARK! For more details, please browse the APO’s official website or the event official website.


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