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2019 Nuit Blanche Taipei

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Post date:2019-09-19



2019 Nuit Blanche Taipei
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Event Location
MRT Jiannan Rd. station,MRT Xihu station, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
"Nuit Blanche" is a global network of city-wide dusk-to-dawn art festivals established in Paris in 2002. Now the event is locally organized by more than 30 cities in Europe and around the world. Nuit Blanche is based on the concepts of urban innovation and public space design, and is an occasion for citizens to embrace art and their local urban areas. This is the 4th annual iteration of the Nuit Blanche Taipei, commenced in 2016, and features such as “dusk to dawn,” “join free” and “citizen participation” continue to represent the Nuit Blanche spirit. The diverse range of art works and performances of Nuit Blanche Taipei provides citizens the freedom to roam, to experience art in urban space, and to breaks the boundary between commercial entertainment and pure art. Each year, no less than 200,000 domestic and international participants flock to Nuit Blanche Taipei, and in 2018 the turnout exceeded 400,000, breaking historical records of street art attendance. Nuit Blanche Taipei is the night when the metropolitan city becomes a vast museum without walls, an urban stage, and a street theater! This year, the 4th Nuit Blanche Taipei plans to present at least 20 different performances and 18 dusk-to-dawn art installations. The event will take place in the Dazhi and Neihu, between the MRT Dazhi and Neihu stations.

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