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Freedom to Love Exhibition

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Post date:2019-10-22



Freedom to Love Exhibition
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No. 87, Ningxia Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Mayor Attends New Cultural Movement Festival Exhibition at Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je traveled to Dadaocheng in the afternoon of October 16 to attend the New Cultural Movement Festival Exhibition at the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum. According to Ko, the New Cultural Movement in Taiwan at the time reshaped Taiwanese society on many levels, and it is hoped that the exhibition will enable citizens to appreciate the spirit of pursuing knowledge and innovation at the time of the new cultural movement, thereby serving as the inspiration for contemporary cultural innovation.

For the opening ceremony in the afternoon of October 16, Chiang Wei-shui Cultural Foundation representative Chiang Yung-yang, Taiwan Literature Development Foundation Chairperson Feng Te-ping, Freedom to Love Exhibition research consultant Professor Cheng Li-ling, and local representatives from Dadaocheng all attended the function. Mayor Ko also welcomed everyone to celebrate the occasion together on behalf of the Taipei City Government.

Mayor Ko pointed out that Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum was formerly the police headquarters of Taihoku Prefecture during the Japanese Colonial Period. After many years of restoration and preparation, the historic monument was officially re-opened in 2018. Since October 17 is the day on which the Taiwanese Cultural Association was founded, the Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs therefore organizes the month-long New Cultural Movement Festival to offer the public more ways to understand Taiwan’s New Cultural Movement.

The mayor said with a smile that while admiring the exhibition earlier, it had come across his mind that the exhibition theme of Freedom to Love may be taken for granted by the modern people, yet it was regarded as highly unorthodox in Taiwanese society a century ago. At the time, marriage was prearranged by the parents or matchmakers. For instance, distinguished Taiwanese literatus Chung Li-ho was exiled from his hometown for pursuing the freedom to love, and Mayor Ko eventually realized that the film My Native Land (with a theme song by Teresa Teng) was based on a true story.

According to Mayor Ko, Taiwan’s New Cultural Movement was not only a public cultural movement but also one that has exerted influence on the private sector. Whether it is freedom to love or divorce, theses notions did not exist back then and only emerged after the New Cultural Movement. Certain customs that were in violation of human rights at the time in Taiwan such as Tongyangxi (where a family would adopt a pre-adolescent daughter as a future bride for their pre-adolescent son) and dowry were abolished after the new cultural movement.

Ko reiterated that modern society is the culmination of historical events that have helped to shape today, thus the exhibitions will enable us to become more familiar with the history and get a feel of what society was like a century ago in Taiwan. They also demonstrate how the New Cultural Movement in Taiwan transformed society on so many levels so that people can appreciate the spirit of pursuing knowledge and innovation during the New Cultural Movement in Taiwan at the time. These will serve as inspiration for the people of the contemporary era.

Mayor Ko also experienced the love poem lottery activity, where he drew a poem entitled All Out written by the first female journalist in Taiwan Yang Chien-he in 1942. He read the poem out loud “Oh beautiful one, my affection for you is deeper than your love for me. I will never stop proving my timeless love for you, you will see!”


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