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Mayor Attends 2020 Shilin Residence Tulip Show

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Post date:2020-02-04



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Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je attended the 2020 Shilin Residence Tulip Show on February 14. During his speech, he commented that thanks to the endeavors of the frontline medical personnel, community-acquired infection has not yet been detected in Taiwan. The city government will pay particular attention to outbreak prevention measures when hosting major events, and the public should wear masks to these events if they feel uneasy. Most importantly, it is imperative to wash one’s hands frequently. Families, friends, and lovers can all come to the Shilin Residence Tulip Show to experience the feeling of falling in love.

According to Ko, spring is the season of blooming flowers, and families should come to the Shilin Residence to experience the gorgeous views and bustling vibes of spring. The Shilin Residence Tulip Show will be held from February 14 until 23 for a total of 10 days. The opening ceremony today coincides with the western Valentine’s Day, so everyone is invited to take this opportunity to view the tulip exhibition.

Ko said that this year’s (2020) theme is So Great to See You, featuring a total of 100,000 Dutch and Japanese tulips planted by the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) to form a sea of flowers. Citizens do not need to leave the country to take great photos and check in on social media. Everyone is welcome to admire the sea of tulips and take away wonderful memories with them. In addition to static exhibitions, there are also myriads of activities at the tulip show. Since the city government’s activities should be internationalized, localized and industrialized, sub-district chiefs have formed a saxophone band, while community colleges in Taipei City will be stage Japanese dance, flamenco, and tap dance performances. Aside from admiring flowers, the public can also expect plenty of performances. More importantly, besides selling tulips, the stalls and vendors will also offer a plethora of cultural and creative merchandise for citizens. Furthermore, the city government’s activities are now held in conjunction with local businesses, so this year there are 40 contracted stores. It is hoped that people will not just visit briefly for a couple of hours but instead embark on half-day or one-day tours and make purchases at nearby shops.

With expertise in the field of medicine, Ko commented that in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak, so far there are no community-acquired infections, meaning that the government has done a good job in outbreak prevention. He also thanked the hard work of many frontline outbreak prevention personnel; previously, it was afraid that the African swine fever (ASF) may breach Taiwan’s defenses, fortunately, a year later, the ASF virus has been successfully contained. The annual output of the Taiwanese pork industry is valued at NT$200 billion, therefore Ko expressed his gratitude to the frontline health personnel for their efforts in outbreak prevention. Although there are no community-acquired infections, the city government will remain vigilant in implementing outbreak prevention measures.

As the proverb says “to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace”, so visitors should not be overly concerned, but if they feel uneasy, all they have to do is wear a mask and wash their hands, particularly before eating. Now, we can prevent influenza from spreading by wearing masks and washing our hands, so everyone is invited to come to the Shilin Residence to attend the tulip show.

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