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Bravo Invites Hello Kitty to Attend Taipei Azalea Festival

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Post date:2020-03-09



Bravo Invites Hello Kitty to Attend Taipei Azalea Festival
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The annual Taipei Azalea Festival will kick off on March 14 (White Day), and Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) has recently unveiled the promotional film for Azalea Festival. Besides inviting the super-famous Taipei City mascot Bravo to star in the film,at Daan Park, Hello Kitty also came all the way from Japan to make a surprise appearance. It turns out that Bravo wrote a letter to Hello Kitty, inviting her come to Taipei Azalea Festival and joins him on unveiling the opening ceremony for this grand event.

TPEDOIT Commissioner Liu Yi-ting commented that this year’s promotional film was inspired by the theme of the event slogan “Our Promise in Spring,” hoping that everyone would come to Daan Park to relish azaleas together. The film draws inspiration from the image of azaleas, portraying how Bravo writes a letter to his good friend Hello Kitty from afar to express his hope that Hello Kitty will fulfill her promise. After finishing the letter, Bravo meanders cheerfully amid the azaleas in Daan Park and comes across someone who he thinks is Hello Kitty but turns out to be a little girl wearing a hat. So Bravo plays and relishes the flowers with the little girl happily. In the meanwhile, the letter finally reaches Hello Kitty who agrees that the promise will be fulfilled at Taipei Azalea Festival this year. People of all ages are welcome to visit Daan Park during the flower festival to find out what Hello Kitty has promised.

Everyone can possibly have one unfulfilled promise with their friends, family or lover. With the special azalea festival badge worn by Bravo, TPEDOIT likes to encourage people to fulfill all the promises that we have made. A series of activities will be launched during the Azalea Festival so that citizens may join Taipei Azalea Festival with their family, friends, and lover. In addition, after the exposure of this promotional film, all citizens are invited to complete post mission on the Travel Taipei website to win the limited edition of azalea festival gift coupons.

The 2020 Taipei Azalea Festival will kick off on March 14 and end on April 5. A series of activities, including Azalea Concert and Floral Carnival, will take place. We sincerely invite you to come to the flower festival to appreciate the warm, blissful vibes of azaleas and fulfill our promises in spring.

Please check out the 2020 Taipei Azalea Festival official website to watch the complete version of video.

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