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Hakka Nest Art Exhibition Opens Online June 13 with Live Streaming Session

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Post date:2020-06-12



Hakka Nest Art Exhibition Opens Online June 13 with Live Streaming Session
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Huashan Parlor, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Drop by the Huashan Parlor and enjoy online exhibitions! A live streaming session of the opening ceremony for the Taipei Hakka Nest Art Exhibition will take place on the Facebook fan page of Taipei Hakka Culture Park at 2 PM on June 13.

This year’s exhibition features three young artists and their innovative creations highlighting the theme “bird’s nest.” The materials used for their works include bamboo, steel, and pottery.

The first artist – who began working on the project early this year – is Lo Wan-yun, a Hakka descendent from Hsinchu. Well-versed in combining food and sculpture, the artist sees taste as a way of preserving memory. The core of her new work involves field research focusing on the stories of Hakka people settling in Taipei. By creating potteries encompassing the memories of families from different parts of the city, the work also takes in the respective tastes of sweet to bitterness, presented through marinade ingredients. The artwork is titled “The You Who’s Far from Home – Adhered Salt.”

Liu Kai-ping, the second artist, hails from Taichung and received training in the fields of product design, craft, exhibition planning, and interior planning. The artist studied at schools such as National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Politecnico di Milano, exploring ways on integrating design knowledge, craft, art, and architecture. The two works he has prepared for the exhibition include “Bamboo Ring – Nest” and “Carving and Dyeing – Nest.”  

The third team of artists, Chiang Ting-chia and Hu Fang-yu, are classmates from the Department of Architecture at National Cheng Kung University. The pair’s work “Time Scroll” recreates major landmarks of the Hakka Cultural Park inside a work measuring 180 cm by 180 cm.

Not only is it an ideal and friendly place to learn about Hakka culture, Taipei Hakka Cultural Park is also a “nest” which nurtures many stories of Hakka people in Taipei. This year is the first time for the organizers to move the exhibition online. The public is invited to drop by Huashan Parlor and checkout the artworks between June 13 and 30. 

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