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TBS Summertime Concert at Daan Forest Park to Take Place August 1

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Post date:2020-07-30



TBS Summertime Concert at Daan Forest Park to Take Place August 1
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Da'an Forest Park open-air music station, Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
To celebrate summer and as a way of saying thank you to listeners, Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) will hold a Summertime Appreciation Concert at Daan Forest Park on Saturday, August 1.
The star-studded concert comprises artists including Tseng Hsin-mei, Hwang Weng-sing, Wu Bai-yu-hsi, Where Chou, Marcus Li, and Shino Lin. They will perform a selection of oldies, welcoming the public to experience a feast of melodies while enjoying the summer night breeze.
TBS has accompanied the residents of Taipei for nearly six decades. For this year’s event, the radio station has selected songs spanning English, Taiwanese, English, and even Italian. The list includes hits such as The Moon Represents My Heart, O Sole Mio, God Favors the Modest Ones, Heaven and Earth, Tempted, I Want to Love You Deeply, and more!
Director Tina Chen of TBS pointed out that the major concerts organized by the radio station in the past years boasts a solid cast of singers and musicians. The station invited vocalist Wu Bai-yu-hsi, hoping to highlight a different kind of music culture merging classical music and contemporary trends.
The exciting concert will be broadcasted on the radio, as well as streamed live on the Youtube channel of TBS. To tune in to the show, users can check out TBS on FM93.1 or AM1134. The broadcast is also accessible via “TBS” option on the app I-Tap.


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