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2020 Guandu International Nature Art Festival: Seeking out the Natural Treasures of the Wetland

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Post date:2020-11-04



2020 Guandu International Nature Art Festival: Seeking out the Natural Treasures of the Wetland
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No. 360, Zhixing Rd.(Guandu Nature Park), Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Now in its 15th year, the Guandu International Nature Art Festival has selected the theme of “SEEK” for 2020. By choosing Guandu Nature Park as its starting point, the festival attempts to reexplore the relationship between human and nature. With the help of artists, local residents, volunteers, and eco researchers, participants attempt to uncover the hidden treasures of Guandu through this event.
During the opening event on November 1, in addition to the unveiling of spotlighted artworks, there are also a nature arts flea market, tour guide of the artworks, and interactive workshops, as well as a series of eco-related games and hands-on activities, concerts, and play performances later on. Hopefully, these events will bring visitors closer to Mother Nature and learn more about the history and culture of the neighborhood.
The six artists taking part in the 2020 exhibition hail from Taiwan, Russia, and Malaysia. The materials used for the respective artworks comprise natural materials obtained from inside the park’s premise. Attractions for kids include the creative nature of the displayed artworks, as well as tours which offer them hands-on experience for observing the ecosystem and playing games at the paddy fields. Those who enjoy performances will find a choice of concerts and plays. Those who like shopping will find a flea market offering various handicrafts and agricultural goods from independent farmers.
Meanwhile, people seeking to learn more about the environment and new things will be excited by the various DIY classes in November and December. Participants will find instructions on how to make exotic items such as salted duck eggs, grass weave wares, and night lamps made from tree barks. Finally, members of the public can also sign up for activities such as arts and environment workshops, field researches, and guided cycling and reading trips of Guandu to further understand local culture and history.
The display of artworks at the Guandu Nature Park will last through December 31. For more information on the event, please visit either the Chinese website of Animal Protection Office  or the official Chinese website of the festival .

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