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BENDAOSHE POP UP STORE|Fabric Zakka In The House

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Post date:2021-04-29



BENDAOSHE POP UP STORE|Fabric Zakka In The House
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No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park will be closed from May 15.
The reopening date will be announced according to the epidemic situation.

"Bendaoshe" uses the annual printing series to produce different types of cloth: canvas, double yarn, thin cotton, linen, and embroidery cloth.

And in the store, we will match the local cloth as a brand teacher, and hold workshops mainly on the printing of the island house:Cloth workshop (sanitary napkins, bags, embroidered handkerchiefs, tailor-made garments, handmade hardcover books)

Printing design class, color matching / aesthetics / fabric knowledge lectureSimple Patchwork Painting.

Letterpress printing + (Rosin)-Thermography printing.Ceramic ware making + stamped wooden stamp to make grain performance.

And we also advocate environmental protection. But we advocate a different argument. Although we are not using environmentally friendly materials for "mass production," it is: "Even if it is not environmentally friendly materials, but only by customizing can effectively reduce the inventory problem of overproduction." Oversupply is a very troublesome thing. Brands are the same for consumers. Based on this, we choose high-quality fabrics at a higher price but can be purchased in small quantities. Sewing machines can be rented on site. As a serious person, we can work for each of our objects and have an emotional foundation with the objects. Long term~


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