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If there will be a day │ Fu Hau Shiuan - Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2021-11-09



If there will be a day │ Fu Hau Shiuan - Solo Exhibition
Event Time
Monday~Friday 11:00-18:00
Event Location
No.82-3, Section 2, Xinsheng S. Road,, Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
If There Will Be a Day is Fu Hao Shiuan’s hypothesis of what is to come. From these hypotheses about life, and a process of constant interaction with his work, he deduces what may come to pass. On this journey of fact and faith, what seems to be wishful thinking may actually foretell of a greater hope.

[The World is a Home Land]
Contemporary art is like a wave, constantly crashing against and eroding the lines of precedence initially drawn by art history. It redefines what is the language of art. The current global epidemic has become the new wave of creative context. 「居家」is a realism oil painting, slowly painted over an extended period of time. The long process allowed Fu Hau Shiuan to more specifically cultivate each detail and, at the same time, leave behind a profound record of family life.

In the piece「Home Land 家園 2020-2021」, there stands a huge mountain wall. By the mottled texture, he depicts the passage of time. As if clothed in various colors, the plants and vegetation cling to the mountain face, giving off an air of abundance. All of this is recreated on just a small fragment of tile, a tile collected from when Fu Hau Shiuan renovated his home, bearing a lasting memory of family.

Large stones are often the main subject of Fu Hau Shiuan’s paintings. Magnifying stones or fragments nearly ten thousand times, he uses realism oil painting to stretch the viewers’ attention to detail to the limit. More than just admiring the exquisite skill, the viewer will be brought to accept the very reality he has constructed.

As “quarantine" has become a barrier to relationships, technology and media have become the vessels necessary for connection and communication. Being a professional artist, Fu Hao Shiuan prefers to use his physical senses to observe global issues and his work express that he cares. In this time of epidemic crisis, no matter where you are from, everyone is an essential part of epidemic prevention. Governmental officials, medical practitioners, even the unemployed, everyone has an opportunity to bring about new developments in our societies. Fu Hao Shiuan uses a portrait style to give these key figures the opportunity to be the highlighted through his paintings. Beyond commending and celebrating their identities, roles in society, and their deeds, he tries to explore what possibilities lie beyond the current realm of established reality. Every piece contains a represented identity. After being reproduced - as portrait, collage, or “found art” - the viewer is given the opportunity to freely interpret who or what is the protagonist of the painting. The subjects of his “found art” pieces, model cars, were accumulated over the years via communicating on the internet with collectors all over the world. Through these interactions, only was there an exchange of goods, but an exchange of life experience.

[Handwriting in Painting]
Just as written words are the visual element of a language, sketches are the structural basis of a painting. Starting by making each painting’s base materials by hand, Fu Hao Shiuan uses his brushstrokes to communicate through his delicate visual language. In his paintings, we can often see the depiction of sprawling plants, which generally bring great contrast to the more richly colored subjects of his paintings. These plants hold up huge stones in a relaxed, yet elegant posture, suggesting that our natural environment is an integral foundation for sustaining life. Through observing daily life and countless hours of practice, Fu Hao Shiuan has developed his sketching into a proficient skill. With intentionality in every line, he gives each plant a unique sense of individuality and elegance. Each stroke seems to be reserved and unassuming, but as you look closely, you begin to unravel a depth of tumultuous emotion. By observing and appreciating each detail, you will find yourself experiencing a work of visual poetry.

[Seeing a New World Through Fragments]
In order to reach beyond the precedented expectations of art, specifications were made for not only the supplies used in each piece, but the very lighting of the exhibit. Fu Hao Shiuan insisted on consistency in the standard of color rendering in order to capture the lights and colors that he sees and reproduce this with his paintings. In his own life, he also pays close attention to real-life situations and the effects of environmental change. He uses his works of art to compare and contrast the differences between physical and psychological reality. Moreover, he releases tiny prayers over each difference, as he takes watch over his homeland. Because of faith, mankind can live within an eternal commitment, and all of these incomplete fragments will become the treasure in life most worth collecting.


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