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Inexhaustible Empty – Wu Chia-Yun Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2021-12-13



Inexhaustible Empty – Wu Chia-Yun Solo Exhibition
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NO.39 Chang-An West Road , Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
In the course of exploring imagery, Wu Chia-Yun’s creation has expanded from film to installations and conceptual arts. Out of curiosity about the properties of time and space, her practice also extends from fictional narration to media experimentation, developing moving images that penetrate different mediums. Inexhaustible Empty presents her major works from recent years, which all intend to break and deviate from meaning. These works are based on the concept of “interbeing” and put the existence of nature and philosophy into “one body with two sides.” However, the empty state of life or self-identification is not a complete void but an inexhaustible neutral state. With live-action film, frames-by-frame moving image, and mixed-media video, Inexhaustible Empty focuses on the commonality of consciousness through questioning meaning and existence.

In the digital era where the physical world is dissipating, Chia-Yun develops a continuous-still-image through media transformation that is derived from the persistence of vision, which can be seen as moving image that lie between movement and stillness, virtual and concrete, digital and physical. Such a notion can be found in darkness within darkness, which relieves the time of the image. Through the intervention of an artist's hand, she attempts to reveal the uncertainty of space within the empty shot in an unending time for A Song for Loss III-I. Whereas Five, Four, Three, Two transcends beyond karma and breaks free from the time and space of narration.

In addition to the expansion of images, the exhibition also features a special screening program that showcases Chia-Yun’s fiction films including The Farewell, A Falling Dust and Portray a State. Working as both artist and director, she uses characters and plots to narrate the indescribable stories and discuss the sense of belonging, freedom, and human condition, reflecting the turbulence under the peace and unveiling the unseeable nature of spirits.


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