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2022 Taipei Lantern Festival

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Post date:2022-01-28



2022 Taipei Lantern Festival
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Shilin Night Market's Chinese and foreign culinary treats enjoy an international reputation
The Zhishan Shuang River area has a rich natural ecology
The residents here come from lands around the globe
There is pious practice of folk beliefs, and the national treasure collection of the National Palace Museum
The Taipei Astronomical Museum, Performing Arts Center, and Children's Amusement Park are all in Shilin

The Night Market Fusion lantern is a metaphor for cultural integration and innovation
The 2022 Taipei Lantern Festival – Wishing everyone blessings in the new year

Full firepower, brilliant radiance
The epidemic has eased, and everyone must muster their spirit and work hard to create an even better-managed life
Not only will all things merely be brought back to normal; all things will shine brighter than before

The two auspicious tigers in the main visual play with a fireball and cutely stretch out free and easy
This symbolizes "forging ahead with the vigor and vitality of the tiger"

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