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Treasure Hill in the future-2022 Treasure Hill Light Festival

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Post date:2022-03-30



Treasure Hill in the future-2022 Treasure Hill Light Festival
Event Time
11:00 - 22:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Event Location
No. 2, Aly. 14, Ln. 230, Sec. 3, Tingjhou Rd.(Treasure Hill Artist Village), Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Once upon a time, a divine bird that had fallen into the mortal world was accidentally killed by a lost hunter. Enraged by this, the Celestial Emperor ordered to set the world on fire on Lunar January 15th. Children of the Celestial Emperor felt pity for the sentient beings and descended on Earth riding on auspicious clouds to warn the people. On the appointed day of destruction, the people created an illusion with lanterns and firecrackers, which fooled the Celestial Emperor into thinking that the world was already engulfed in fire. The Treasure Hill Light Festival is a continuation of the lantern festival traditions; moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, wars, refugee crisis, and extreme weather conditions that we are currently facing, we must pay closer attention to our dwelling place and the circumstances we are in.

There are simulations which are born out of human desires, and artificial things are driving us towards a direction that we feel is more ideal; however, what is considered eternal, and how should we go about achieving sustainability? A decade into Treasure Hill’s “Artist-Resident-Paragenesis”, a desirable notion of “home” has taken shape here, where the needs of contemporary civilization should be met. The order observed on a linear time axis proves the existence of the universe, and with past experiences integrated with imaginations for the unknown, the future unfolds here.

In 2015, the United Nations announced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the year 2030, with actions against poverty and climate change included on the list and synergies shown between each goal. Treasure Hill has been a carrier of many people’s hopes and dreams since the beginning, and when it needs to expand to its maximum capacity, is this carrier sufficient enough to withstand the demand? The Light Festival is a way for those on the outside to gaze into Treasure Hill, as it departs from people’s imaginations and expands to perceptually meet people’s needs; it also departs from material needs and rationally restraints material possessions, with discussions prompted on the organic cycle and infinite desires between people and materiality.

Following Symbiosis Relationship and Dwell in Light, the 2022 Treasure Hill Light Festival seeks to return to the beginning. With 12 sets of artists/collectives invited and through overlapping reality with virtuality, audiences are encouraged to revisit the past and foresee the enigmatic future. Through tangible and intangible interactions with each site-specific endeavor, a decentralized collective consensus is intended to be evoked, which can lead to a direct gaze into the universal truth.

If the Light Festival has allowed us to see the future, let us go straight into the future this time around.

王仲堃 WANG Chung-Kun
李亦凡 LI Yi-Fan
呂兆民&蔡遵弘 LU Chao-Ming & TSAI Tsun-Hung
張仲濰 CHANG Jong-Wei
果玥彤 KUO Yueh-Tung
賴俊廷 LAI Jiun-Ting
莊知恆 CHUANG Chih-Heng
黃豆泥&凌宗廷 mashbean & LING Zong-Ting
王子昀 WANG Tzu-Yun
邱杰森&莫珊嵐 CHIU Chieh-Sen & Margot GUILLEMOT
臺北市影視音實驗教育機構 Taipei Media School
輕量級 – 跨校協作工作營 Light Weight - Crossing Universities Work Camp
(in the order of artwork layout)

Exhibition Dates/ 2022.3.26(Sat.) - 2021.5.8(Sun.) (Closed on Monday)
Open Time/ 11:00 - 22:00
Venue/ Treasure Hill Artist Village


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