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The grace of transgression:Leong Hoi Sa’s Art of Stone Sculpture

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Post date:2022-04-14



The grace of transgression: Leong Hoi Sa’s Art of Stone Sculpture
Event Time
Mon.-Fri. 10:00-18:00 Sat. 13:00-18:00 Closed on Sun.
Event Location
No. 22, Alley 36, Lane 147, Section 3, Xinyi Road,, Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Written by Leong Hoi Sa

This exhibition carries out my observation and interpretation of forms since I started stone sculpture. The Grace of Transgression expresses my concern for the inner experience of individual beings. It looks into human’s breakthroughs or transgression of boundaries or taboos, and the mental statuses due to the anxiety or pleasure resulting from such activities. With my vocabulary of forms, I respond to the restraint emotions or repressed desires buried in our consciousness.  

I am convinced that these transformations and references are connecting the fulfillment, decline and consumption of lives during the conversion of energies. One species continues their lives by the vanishment of other species, from the decline of micro beings to the consumption of energies of the highest beings on the top of food chains, death brings back the energies back to the connection. 

The Grace of Transgression I & II present the positions of breaking away from the repressed lives. My formal vocabulary is the metaphor of the ambiguous status of psychological transgressing and struggling. They stir up our inner experience and disrupt the balance we had been cozying in.

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