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Chiang Hsun / Nick Dong 40 Years Since

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Post date:2022-11-14



Chiang Hsun / Nick Dong 40 Years Since
Event Time
Tue. – Sun. 11:00 ~ 19:00
Event Location
4F-2, NO. 21, SEC.1, DUNHUA SOUTH ROAD, Songshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
On November 5, the Michael Ku Gallery will be presenting “40 Years Since,” an exhibition showcasing the works of Chiang Hsun and his student Nick Dong. Chiang established the Tunghai University Department of Fine Arts in 1983, which Nick Dong enrolled in 1992, majoring in mixed media and minoring in western painting. The exhibition is like an epitome of the traces of time, and the new beginnings that time brought forth.

With exquisite handcraft, Nick Dong finished four sets of works. Time to Flower and Time between Flower are created on the foundation of multimedia, with metallic pigment and pencil delicately tracing the states of flowers in time, while Flowering and Timing reconstruct the metal parts of a saxophone and the wood from an old clock into a new life form.

Contrasting the charm in Nick Dong’s works, Chiang Hsun’s ink on paper alludes to the traces of time. Sit and Enjoy the Rising Clouds reminds viewers of the landscapes of Wang Wei, Mountains Follow the Plains echoes the reflection of Li Bai, Green Foam on New Fermented Wine is as amicable as Bai Juyi, while The Orioles Cry as if in Tears hints to the glamour of Li Shangyin. The clouds and mountains, the form of the cat, and the style of the flower that appears on old and new pieces of paper seem to take the shape of memories across the past four decades.

“40 Years Since” also invites Yung-Ling Tseng, who was a member of the class of 1987 and among the first group of alumni Chiang Hsun tutored at Tunghai University Department of Fine Arts, to present her metalworks, adding splendor to the exhibition. Tseng was also Nick Dong’s teacher, a member of the class of 1996. Forty years have passed, and the three meet once more, each with their own tales of “40 years since.”

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