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The Future Life, Future You – Digital, Machine and Cyborgs

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Post date:2023-10-23



The Future Life, Future You – Digital, Machine and Cyborgs
Event Time
Tue. - Sun.10:00-18:00
Event Location
No.178, Sec. 3, Civic Blvd, Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
We, in the Future

Have you ever imagined yourself as a cyborg, a human-machine system with mechanical implants in your body?

Today, artificial intelligence has an ever-widening range of applications. It works in tandem with technologies and algorithms. While they’re inventing new ways to alter the environment, their influence extends as far as the modality and evolution of life. In this sense, humans and technologies have co-constructed an unprecedented context of life. The fluidity of “life” and “body” in terms of definition and cognition has led to the gradual acceptance of machines as a form of life, which ushered in an era of a new relational network interlaced by “humans” and “machines.”

If “humanity” is the ideological foundation for life, the exhibition Dasein—Born to Be Human that ended recently could be understood as an endeavor to cogitate upon the existence and essence of humankind from the angle of a mortal “human being,” with the aim of collating the relationships between humans and themselves, humans and others, as well as between humans and the environment. Looking into the time to come, the exhibition The Future Life, Future You – Digital, Machine and Cyborgs further explores the forms and meanings of life, viz., its raison d’être. As life is gradually transcending the physical confines of the corporeal body whether in the realm of reality or that of virtuality, human beings, animals, and organisms of all stripes have taken on a brand new form of life against the contemporary social milieu. In view of this, how do we redefine our very existence?

Jut Art Museum has maintained a long-term focus on issues concerning “city” and “future” through contemporary art exhibitions. This exhibition features a total of 15 artists/artist groups from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, who use their respective artistic vocabulary to reflect the diversity of future life-forms and challenge the viewer’s limited imagination about known natural creatures. Since our contemporary life evolves constantly with technologies, how do we adapt and move forward accordingly? We expect the dialogues unfolding in this exhibition to provide future human beings with refreshing narratives and creative imaginations about life.

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