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Weekly Music Performances, Markets, and Water Activities from July to August in the 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival

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Post date:2016-07-14



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Weekly Music Performances, Markets, and Water Activities from July to August in the 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival

Weekly Music Performances, Markets, and Water Activities from July to August in the 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival

The press conference on the 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival was held on June 28th in the Discovery Theatre of Taipei Discovery Centre. After hosting the first Riverside Music Festival last year, the Taipei City Government scaled up the performances for the 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival this year: audiences are welcome to enjoy performances and browse in markets every weekend from July 2nd to August 27th. Additionally, the much anticipated Dadaocheng Music Valentine’s Day will be hosted on Saturday August 6th with performances from Bobby Chen, The Chairman, and Matthew Lien, as well as a spectacular fireworks show in the evening.

Deputy Mayor Chin-jun Chen and Commissioner of the Department of Information and Tourism Yu-yen Chien as well as performers involved with the 2016 Riverside Festival, Bobby Chen, The Chairman, Matthew Lien, Fu De Hsiao, Chang and Lee, Funky Brothers, Pia, Neko Jam, Taiko Electro Company and Jindowin attended the press conference on June 28th. A riverside map was presented during the press conference and the Deputy Mayor and the Commissioner as well as the performers stuck flags along the riverside to symbolise the official start of the event. Popular singer Bobby Chen, in his floral printed shirt and shorts apparel added with a straw hat, and Taiko Electro Company also gave a live performance of “I Left Sadness to Myself” in a rock and roll version. Additionally, the award winning duo Chang and Lee also sang their most classic song, “Babu Babu”, filling the atmosphere with summer vibes.

The 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival would incorporate a series of different artists, bringing different genres of music to life. Bobby Chen’s works like “Dream River”, “River” and his album “P.S., It’s Me, I’m in Taipei” strongly tie in with the theme of the Festival and his famous love song “I Left Sadness with Myself” and “Crazy for Love” is bound to make the crowd go wild when he performs during the Dadaocheng Music Valentine’s Day event on August 6th. The energising “You Don’t Understand” and album “The Gods Bless Taiwan” by The Chairman combines the Taiwanese rituals with Rock and Roll, showcasing the religious culture of Dadaocheng. 
The environmental and cultural focus of Matthew Lien’s songs are most fitting for a summer night. Award winning Chang and Lee, popular electro band Taiko Electro Company, nominated Golden Melody Award singer Jun-jie Wang, and guitarist ZAMAKe will also be joining the performances on August 6th to give the audiences a variety of music.

Designer Akibo created the logo for the 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival that resembles a message in a bottle but a guitar was placed in the bottle in the place of a letter. The logo symbolises a deep nostalgia and genuine contentment that would hopefully convey these emotions by floating through the river and towards the rest of the world.

The 2016 Taipei Riverside Festival not only includes music, but also a market that incorporates creative goods and interactive games in the style of retro Taipei. This eventful Festival encourages civic engagement and inspires people, it is also the most anticipated music festival in Taiwan.

Other than the weekly music festival by the river, the 2016 Taipei Sounds from the River also has WaterCourse5, a camp for kids, Room Escape- Pirates and other water-themed activities. More information on 

  • Source: Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government


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