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Xichang Street Tourist Night Market 西昌街觀光夜市

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Right next to Longshan Temple, Xichang Street Night Market enjoyed lively business even in the earlier days. In recent years, the government reorganized the stalls in the center of the street. The stalls near Guangzhou Street mainly sell household goods and clothes while the F&B stalls on Xichang Street near Guilin Road are well-known for their snacks, such as douhua (tofu pudding), herbal tea, glutinous rice, and pan-fried dumplings.

Many scenes from the 2010 movie Monga were filmed near Longshan Temple, Herb Lane, and Bopiliao, which then drove tourism in the surrounding area. A day trip of Monga is highly recommended!


Night Markets
Suggested Months for Visiting
All year
Taipei City Market Administration Office
Phone Number
Xichang St, Wanhua Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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BL Bannan Line Longshan Temple

G Songshan-Xindian Line Ximen


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  • BillyK1980

    Melbourne, Australia



    I think Taiwan had much better night markets, it states it is a tourist market but it really isn’t. And if you wish you can eat and drink snake blood here
  • sam70651988

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    Must Come


    Here, a very lousy, noisy, dirty market, in mainstream definition. But if you want to see the real and authentic WanHua district in Taipei, here is the must come. There are homeless people, beggars, dirty workers selling there 'goods', which are valueless, useless or unbelievable. You can't imagine someone is selling these stuffs, and furthermore you can not imagine someone is interested in them. Very cool place. Very awful place, but this is why you travel. 這裡如果依照主流定義來看,是個非常糟糕、嘈雜的地方。 但是如果你想要認識真正且道地的萬華區,這邊就是你必須來的地方。 這裡有流浪漢、乞丐、骯髒的工人,在這邊賣著我們認為沒有價值、沒有用處、無法置信的商品。 你無法想像居然有人會販賣這些東西,你更無法想像甚至有人會對這些東西產生興趣。 這裡是個非常糟糕的地方,但是這就是旅行的意義。
  • Tom B


    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    Night markets


    Another great place for street food and people watching. Love the idea of just walking around sampling all the food.
  • Melanie_Yeoh

    Semenyih, Malasia

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Beef Noodle


    Our host recommended us to check out this local night market. We checked in late, so most of the stores were closing. The beef noodle store particularly recommended was called Lao Dai beef noodle, second store at the cross intersection. We were unlucky as they went on a vacation for the week. So we went next door to the first store right at the cross intersection that specialises in making Shang Hai Squirt bag (Shui Jian Bao), we ordered a few bowls of beef noodles as our late dinner, it was amazing. We went back the next morning to have breakfast, and you guessed it right, we had the beef noodle. Highly recommended! It was cheap (NTD90-110) and the portion of noodle and meat was generous.
  • welldunn662016

    Edmonton, Canadá

    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    With a focus of food, with a very local flair, glad we stopped by.


    With 3 night markets nearby, that is walkable within a few blocks, most definitely easily accessible. This is not not a tourist night market as its more local. But being adventurous, we stopped by and glad we did. Lots of food since that is the focus, yes it is small but that is the beauty. Very manageable to tackle here, along with the other markets nearby. There are other merchandise you can find here but the inventory is more dated though.

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