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Wuzhi Mountain System: Daluntoushan and Dalunweishan Hiking Trail 五指山系-大崙頭尾山親山步道

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Daluntou Mountain is the highest peak in the western Wuzhi Mountains; and, from Bishanyan, in Neihu, it looks particularly magnificent. An agricultural path runs from the base to the top of the mountain; a large rectangular pavilion, on the peak, offers shelter; there is a saddle between the Daluntou and Dalunwei mountains. The great green mountain is exceptionally quiet, and there is the Bishan camp site adjacent to Daluntou Mountain (with Dalunwei Mountain to its northwest and the famous scenic Bishan to its south). To the north is the Neishuangxi Forest Nature Park, which is divided into forest and conservation zones.

Visitors can take the buses No. 240, 247, 222, 267, 521, blue 20, blue 27 alighting at Jinlong Temple stop (final stop); or take the buses No. 21, 28, 278, 4, 521, 267 alighting at Neihu Police substation stop and transfer minibus No.2 to Bishanyan stop; or take the buses No. 213, 255 alighting at Shuangxi Community No.6 Stop and walk to the mountain trail.


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Daluntoushan and Dalunweishan Hiking Trail, Neihu Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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Sunday open 24 hours
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Tuesday open 24 hours
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