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Taipei City Wall-North Gate (Cheng'en Gate) 北門-承恩門

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Tuesday:open 24 hours




The North Gate is located at the intersection of Zhongxiao West Road, Yanping North Road, Zhonghua Road, Yanping South Road and Bo’ai Road in Zhongzheng District.

There are five historic city gates in Taipei: the East Gate (Jingfu Gate), West Gate (Baocheng Gate), South Gate (Lizheng Gate), Lesser South Gate (Chongxi Gate) and North Gate (Cheng’en Gate). They were built by Liu Ming-chuan during the reign of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty as a measure to expedite urban development by encouraging businessmen to invest in or build houses/streets in Taipei City.

Also known as Cheng’en Gate, the North Gate in erstwhile Taipei City served as a major gateway to Dadaocheng. The two-story fortress of North Gate is enclosed by sturdy walls in the form of a highly guarded citadel. For surveillance and defense reasons, the square- and round-shaped window openings on the front and back of fortress are the only two features on the second floor. Similar to the East Gate, the North Gate in its inception had a small enclosure on the outside, commonly referred to as “urn city”, or “Wong Cheng” in Chinese. There used to be a horizontal plaque saying “The Key to Territory Safety” which had hung across the gate. The plaque was unfortunately removed by Japanese colonial rulers and is now located on the empty lot in front of the North Gate for display.

In light of the emerging trend of cultural heritage preservation in recent years, the city authorities decided to abandon a demolition plan of the historic North Gate. Of the five ancient city gates, the North Gate is the only one that remains what it used to look like in the Qing Dynasty, as well as one of the most valuable state-designated historic sites in Taipei.


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  • 619je

    Keysborough, Australia

    Rare surviving example of city gate


    North Gate (Beimen in Chinese) was built in 1884, predating the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945). It gave access to Taipei City through the city walls, which were demolished in the early Japanese colonial period. The gate is a five-minute walk west of the Taipei Main Station. If you spend any time in the downtown area, you are almost certain to see North Gate. It is a rare surviving example of a blockhouse city gate, built in red brick.
  • Betty C

    Historical gate


    It is the only gate remaining of the five ancient Qing Dynasty city gates so there is a good amount of history. There are some explanatory plaques in this small park located in the median of 2 busy streets. It is worth a nice 15 minute visit if you are in the area, I wouldn't make a special trip.
  • scottofhawaii

    Honolulu, Hawái

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    Something to see...


    ... with a small amount of information provided on monument-type displays on the sidewalk as to it's history and how the stone was quarried. You can't miss this; it is on a main thoroughfare quite close to Taipei Main Station. My only thought about the North Gate is that it is probably serves a good landmark and meeting point. Above average rating for the historical relevance.
  • BillyK1980

    Melbourne, Australia

    Last part of the wall


    This is the last part of the wall left, I wouldn’t rush here but if you are close to central station it’s worth popping by
  • Wanderering1

    Lake Macquarie, Australia

    A Tiny Remnant


    If you are nearby then it is certainly worth a visit but not worth a trip across town. This is the only remaining part of the wall which once surrounded Taipei.

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