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Nangang Mountain System_Old Genliao Hiking Trail 南港山系_更寮古道親山步道

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Gengliao Historic Trail is one of the five historic trails that links Nangang to Shengkeng and Shiding. It is well-preserved and still in use. This trail is not only a shortcut to Shanzhuku and Tukuqiu, but it also leads to some ancient relics. Today, the trail is paved with granite, and despite its renovation, it still has a touch of archaic ambiance.

Starting point of Gengliao Historic Trail
The ancient “Pan’s Family House” is the only house in Nangang that still possesses bullet holes from war, and is still inhabited. Eight generations of the Pan family have lived here, meaning that the house is at least 160 years old, as old as the trail!
On the way to Laoliao Historic Trail, the Shihui Mine Tunnel is a remnant of our forefathers’ exploration. The remnant of Wei Jingshi Residence recalls the origin of the once prosperous tea industry here, despite the current sadness reflected by its remaining walls. Other places such as Tujiao House, Zheng’s family graveyard and the mere 30cm tall Land Deity Temple are all evidence of the ancient history of this trail.

Rediscovering the Home of Tea
The history of tea development can be traced back two hundred years. During the rule of Emperor Qianlong, this place was an important production center of camphor and tea. Wang Shuijing and Wei Jingshi researched and developed the Wenshan-style Paochong tea and Nangang-style Paochong tea, respectively. Together, they ushered in the golden era of Nangang tea, and its fame spread far and wide.

Laoliao Historic Trail was a tea road that tea merchants and villagers took 110 years ago.The name “Laoliao” was derived later based on the homonymy of the sounds. Gengliao Historic Rail, on the other hand, was used by night watchers (gengfu) in the Qing Dynasty on patrol, and during the Japanese occupation era, the trail served as a transport channel for tea between Shengkeng and Nangang.


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Section 2, Jiuzhuang St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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1. Trail length: Hiking trail: approx. 3.7km, total: approx 4.6km
2. Altitude: 372m
3. Walking time: approx. 2 hr 40 min


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  • BBRO12

    Taipéi, Taiwán



    步道位在九天宮後面,騎車開車較方便, 車位不多,都停路邊,機車較方便, 一開始步道分坡道跟樓梯,左邊好像是給農場店家開車上來用的, 走右邊樓梯比較安全喔! 沒多久會碰到兩條路,兩條都會到山頂, 直走是石階步道,好走滿滿的樓梯,無美景, 右邊是往農場,泥土圓石木條步道,農場旁有一美景,泥土濕爛不好走, 我選直走,沒多久會遇到叉路往土庫岳方向, 兩旁有小溪流過,我很喜歡流水聲會療癒, 整條步道滿滿叢林味,很像秘境探險,可惜途中都沒美景, 又遇叉路往土庫岳, 變木條泥土步道,小心爛泥即可, 沒多久就到山頂了,可惜... 三角點再涼亭前,有兩顆?為啥? 雖然到山頂,可惜美景都被芒草跟樹檔住... 電塔也來參一腳,XD。 沒啥美景沒幹勁了,下山好了! 下山走另一條會碰叉路,右轉往更寮步道,直走不知去哪的, 步道變成圓石泥土步道,圓石凹凸不平,走時請小心, 一樣會碰到爛泥路,閃不掉, 一樣會碰到小溪在步道旁, 會碰到一平台風景還不錯,但山檔掉一半, 會經過農場,但沒啥人,農場往下走有廁所, 什麼?打印台竟然在此而不是山頂,真是太奇妙了,一般都是山頂附近說, 原來農場才是山頂... 回到叉路口了,往左下就是步道入口了,結束! 結論: 整條步道算好走,有兩種不同風格步道, 整條步道無美景,要到山頂或農場平台, 美景被芒草、樹、電塔土庫三劍客檔住, 指標算OK,小路不多, 一小時可走完全程, 如果不是小百岳真不想來, 不是很推,爬完空虛。 滿分十分,我給五分, 評分:5/10分。
  • shen0630

    East District, Tainan

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos



    在天母路尾向上,階梯雖多,但有樹蔭.沿著階梯向上右手是送水管 左手是由日據時代留到目前仍在使用的山泉採水管 階梯的上方有涼亭及平台有飲水及山泉洗臉的水龍頭,很方便 平台直走可以叫車下山,左邊是平坦的天母古道,可走到文化大學大門 約2小時路

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