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The Grand Hotel 圓山飯店

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Established in 1952, the Grand Hotel is a 14-story palatial building towering on the hillside of Yuanshan and surrounded by Keelung River in the front, Mt. Yangmingshan in the back, Songshan to the east and Tamsui to the west. With its signature red columns and golden roof, the hotel’s magnificent exterior presents a sumptuously classic ambiance that reflects the beauty of traditional Chinese arts. The hotel is one of Taipei City’s world-renowned landmarks, and also the premium choice for travel accommodation or business conferences for people worldwide.

The beauty of the Grand Hotel comes from its stately Chinese-style structures and splendid classic setting; the mystique of the hotel lies in its legendary, historic significance and the rumor about a secret underground passageway; one can chalk the hotel’s otherworldly serenity to its great location, adjacent to a scenic belt away from the urban bustle.

The century-old golden dragons
The bronze dragons were initially desgined statues guarding the entrance to Taiwan Jinjia (built in 1901 in the style of a Japanese Shinto shrine). They were carefully preserved during re-constructions of the Grand Hotel, to be later perfectly displayed in the hotel’s Gold Dragon Restaurant; the dragons were accentuated with 24-karat gold plating as part of the hotel’s renovation efforts in 1987. It is worth noting that these dragons have three claws only, compared to the four or five claws on dragons depicted in traditional Chinese paintings.

Plum-flower caisson ceiling
On the center of the hotel lobby’s ceiling is a plum blossom-shaped caisson, with five golden dragons encircling a pearl, suggesting the “Five Blessings.” Inspired by the Chinese pronunciation of “3” sounding like “rise” and the number 16 plus the large plum blossom, the 23 golden dragons and 16 phoenixes in the caisson were deliberately designed to signify rising to prominence and continuous profits, respectively. The caisson ceiling is also a profound traditional symbol of prosperity, represented by the dragons and phoenixes.

Upturned eaves and bucket arch
On the rooftop, both the upturned eaves and bucket arch embody ancient Chinese culture. While a row of animals crouch above the vertical ridge of the dramatically upturned eaves, the Chiwei, or monster-like ornaments made from roofing shingles, are poised between the main ridge and vertical ridge. The sumptuously delicate yet robust bucket arch structure under the roof is one of the greatest wonders in Chinese architecture.

Glass doors of the hotel lobby
The gigantic, yet gracefully symmetrical, floor-to-ceiling glass doors of the lobby serve as the front entrance of The Grand Hotel. Look closely, and you will see six ancient Chinese characters signifying “Long Live the Republic of China”, hidden under the decorative patterns. The creativity of the design and how times have changed are surely impressive, considering the historical background of the hotel.

Stone tablet
Erected at the beginning of a stone staircase leading to the arched entrance is a giant stone tablet inscribed with the cursive-style characters “Jian-Tan-Sheng-Ji”. After verification from various sources, the words depicted in the free-flowing and powerful calligraphic work of the late politician Yu You-ren, are believed to mean that the Yuanshan area is sanctified, which offers an explanation for the Grand Hotel remaining popular and revered over the past century.


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No. 1, Sec. 4, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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  • Lightsbaby

    London, United Kingdom

    Traveler type:


    Revisit the Grand Hotel Taipei.


    It’s a beautiful historical hotel and provide good service. It has been updated in these years. The only thing that I don’t like about this hotel is the left from lobby to your rooms is located in a strange corner intersection with their service route. Therefore, I always feel lost when I came down to the lobby and felt buzzard when I saw all the brown paper boxes in the corner. All in all, the food is good and the dessert is above average.
  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    A memory of Old China


    There is nothing more iconic in Taipei than the Grand Hotel. Just looking up Chung Shan North Road brings back memories of yesteryear, when slender ladies in chi paos graced the Grand Hotel's lobby. Many overseas visitors take the chance to soak up some of the atmosphere of Old China by staying in the Hotel. By the way, the Grand Hotel is famous for its restaurants.
  • DanishNovelist

    Portland, Oregon

    Like Staying In A Beautiful Museum


    The lobby of the Grand Hotel Taipei is so outrageously majestic you feel you're walking on to a filmset where the Emperor is arriving shortly along with his 200 courtiers. The rooms are nice, too without being stand outs. We had a terrace without chairs, probably because chairs would ruin the illusiuon of grandeur. The morning buffet was great but two days were enough at this memorable hotel since we prefer places that are more quiet and serene.
  • E9752ZCangelaf

    Traveler type:


    Luxurious and historical


    My fiancé and I stayed at the grand hotel in Taipei for our engagement and we absolutely loved it. The service was top notch and the building itself was beautiful. We felt like the emperor and empress of a Chinese Dynasty. We had a beautiful mountain view from our balcony and enjoyed waking up to it every morning.
  • CdnLovesTravel787

    Vancouver, Canada

    Simply 'Grand'


    The Grand Hotel, is well, grand. After visiting the weekend farmers market at Taipei Expo Park, I walked over to some bus stops and waited for a free shuttle bus up to the Grand Hotel. It came right away. In minutes, we were up at the hotel, high on a hill with a panoramic view of city below. I didn't stay at this hotel; it was just a tourist visit. The orchid centre piece inside the lobby was spectacular - everyone took pictures of it. The restaurant was full of customers having a late lunch set. Later as I came back down the stairs, I saw that everyone was having a penne pasta course in some tomato based sauce. Up the grand staircase covered in dense, red wool carpeting, you could walk around the perimeter on the second floor, and look down into to the lobby area. The hotel was started in 1952 and completed in 1973 with many additions. Presidential suite costs about $5000US but other rooms are affordable at about $100US per night. President Chiang Kai-Shek built this hotel out of need for a five star hotel for ambassadors and foreign dignitaries to stay, in this city. Many negotiations between countries have been facilitated at this hotel. There is a wall of photographs of famous people who have stayed here: Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Mandela, Thatcher, Aquino, even movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Charles Bronson. There are 490 rooms over 8 levels – 8 being an Asian number of luck. There are auditoriums, meeting rooms, a number of restaurants, a fitness centre, sauna, swimming pool. There are gift shops on all floors, with a lovely gold dragon water fountain on second floor. The free shuttle bus every half an hour takes you back down to the bus stops and metro station so you can find your way home.

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