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435 Art Venue 板橋435藝文特區

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Art does not have to be a distant dream of real life. 435 International Art Village is the best example of a successful combination of artistic creation and everyday life. This place with no. 435 was an old house occasionally used for veteran training. Now efforts to redesign and renovate the space have turned it into one of the most popular art zones in Greater Taipei. Some of the architectural designs are from the 1960s, including the holystone flooring and special glass windows which have been preserved in the house, and has accommodated resident artists all over the world. The cultural environment here features amazing diversity and the results of exchanges among artists with different nationalities. These artists visit local high schools for art activities, which help art education to take root in campuses where the importance of art classes is usually ignored.


Northern Taiwan
Family、Campus teaching
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All year
Bangiao District Office, New Taipei City
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435, Zhongzhen Road, Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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Sunday 09:00 - 18:00
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  • Taipei921


    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    Huge Art Playground


    PanChiao 435 Art Zone was previously a dormitory for military training before the Cultural Affairs Bureau of New Taipei City re-zoned this place and allowed artists and citizens alike to unleash their creativity in a huge playground. The place is found nestled within the residential area of Xinbei, and it is amazing how the government found creative ways to fully utilize its assets (sometimes!). The residents has embraced it, and nursery schools can be seen bringing their charges to explore the place, learning to appreciate art at the same time. It's true, these kids are the future and they should learn to appreciate what is given to them and build on it, not destroy every old things for new. Citizens and nearby residents of course, are provided with a public space where they can feel, experience and create arts. Regular courses and exhibitions are held in the zone, and the vast green land provide an excellent place to stroll and mediate for the residents. The strangely found Zhongzheng Memorial Hall situated at the entrance, though lookeing imposing, is seemingly out of place with this arty place. However, it has became one of the most photographed backdrop. Note: No entry fee. Dormitory for the artists are for rental. Free to explore the various buildings there, and stroll around the park. It is near to the New Moon Bridge, which is lighted in beautiful lights in the evening, making it another beautfiful addition to the art community in its own right.
  • psylocketravel

    Manila, Filipinas

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    435 Art Zone


    It's awesome to explore this place and search for several graffiti or art works. Great for art enthusiasts! You can access by riding the bus from Banqiao station.
  • dswlim

    Vancouver, Canadá

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Real wonderful place for family with kids


    I have been coming here quite often these days, and sometimes with family and kids. I love this place and there're art exhibitions every now and then. Kids can run around, having fun, or venture into the toy museum. It's a great place in town
  • dswlim

    Vancouver, Canadá

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Real wonderful place for family with kids


    I have been coming here quite often these days, and sometimes with family and kids. I love this place and there're art exhibitions every now and then. Kids can run around, having fun, or venture into the toy museum. It's a great place in town
  • tohxinru

    Singapur, Singapur

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    Meaningful Tours by Artists Themselves


    Pros: 1. The artists themselves were present at the art gallery exhibitions when we visited, and they were more than happy to share about their art pieces, such as sources of inspiration and technicalities. Since the printed description for each art piece was quite minimal and in traditional Chinese, hearing from the artists personally was very insightful. For instance, Anna 老师 brought us around and explained all 30+ of her exhibited oil paintings for about 1.5 hours, as well as gifted us with an autographed copy of her book "Anna Anna Open Your Mind". 2. Apart from the art galleries, the place seemed like a park. E.g. A sandpit, murals and graffiti, walls and ground for visitors to draw on using chalk, and a small museum featuring a small collection of traditional toys as well as other toys available for children to play with. While we were here, we also saw bouncing castles and stage performances. Indeed, we saw many families with young children playing here when we were here on a Saturday. 3. There were some carts and vans selling food like burgers and biscuits. 4. The place is quite easily accessible by bus 307 from Fuzhong MRT station exit 1. 5. Admission is free. Separate charges apply for the toy museum and theatre performances (if any). Cons: 1. There weren't many art gallery exhibition rooms. We saw 2 main exhibitions - 1 on oil paintings and 1 on ceramics - and each exhibition took up 3 small rooms. 2. The toy museum was small and seemed more like a childcare centre or play area. We paid NTD50 per pax to enter the toy museum and were hoping to see a meaningful collection of well-preserved traditional toys with accompanying descriptions. However, the showcase left us rather disappointed and it was much too chaotic given the crowd of children dashing around in small cars. We were in and out of the toy museum in less than 15 minutes. If you are a serious toy collector or would like to have a more educational look at vintage toys, the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore is much more impressive. Tips: 1. For families with young children, this might be a good place to visit as both children and adults can be kept entertained. 2. For visitors looking at the art galleries, whether or not you have artistic background, do approach the artists to hear from them personally. It will make the experience much more meaningful and enjoyable. Without the artists sharing with us, we would probably have left the place in half an hour without any appreciation for what we had just seen. 3. If you Google "435 art zone", you can find their Facebook page (in traditional Chinese) with updates about the current exhibitions and activities.

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