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Bishan Campground 碧山露營場

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Located along Bixi Industrial Road by the foot of Dalunwei Mountain in Neihu District, the Campground is a wonderful campsite that can hold 250 people. In addition to being one of the only 2 campsites in Taipei City, it is also one of the few free campsites in Taiwan. The campsite is split into three areas: forest trail, camping area and recreational area. There is a 1 km boardwalk in the forest trail of Bishan Campground, which is about half an hour of a hike. Be sure to take a leisurely stroll in the green woods of Bishan to freshen your mind.

With little light pollution in this mountainous camping area, the campsite is the best stargazing spot in Taipei. The night view on the mountain is also magnificent, where one can overlook Guanyin Mountain, Shilin and Beitou. 

(1) 2:00 pm on day of approval to 1:00 pm on day of departure.
(2) Thursday to Tuesday; closed for cleaning on Wednesday (postponed to the following day during consecutive public holidays).
(3) Maximum application is for 2 days 1 nights stay.


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Family、Campus teaching
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No. 26-6, Bishan Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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  • Venue rental
  • Toilets


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