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Jing Fu Temple 景福宮

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Built in 1875, during the first year of the Guangxu reign in Qing Dynasty, Jing Fu Temple was initially a 6m2 small temple. In 1961, it exchanged land with its neighbor, Tong-Yi Hotel, and was rebuilt as a two-story archaic style temple. Later, due to old age, the building underwent a large scale renovation, which started in 2000. The new building covers an area of 660m2, and has three storys and three levels of basement.

The new Jing Fu Temple has exquisite carvings, and most of the building materials for this structure were imported from China to ensure quality. Besides the dragon pillars in front of the main hall which are carved from a piece of diabase, the Door Gods on the temple doors are also carved from a block of red sandalwood. A highlight of the building is the large piece of “Dragon Parade” carving on the ceiling, which differs from common caisson ceilings. Worshippers can see the vivid “Green Dragon” dancing when they look up. The “Eighteen Arhats” carving on both sides of the main hall on the third story blend in with the landscape drawing, portraying the beauty of religious art. 


Religious Venues
Family、Campus teaching
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All year
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No. 11, Dehui St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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