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Lovers' Trilogy in Taipei: Part 1

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Post date:2015-04-22


Lovers’ Trilogy in Taipei: Part 1
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Stop 1: Café. Waiting. Love

A city that provokes imagination and poetry, Taipei is a siren song to movie and soap opera fans alike, calling them on pilgrimages to where the unforgettable scenes were filmed.  

With its cinematographic interior decor intact and menu items inspired by its namesake novel, the “Café. Waiting. Love,” the set for this runaway movie success encourages fans to ponder their favorite moments from the blockbuster, including the famous quote: “Everybody is waiting for somebody”, and kick-start an ultra-romantic Valentine's Day with a barista's special for two that encapsulates the bittersweet moments of a relationship.
Café. Waiting. Love
Café. Waiting. Love Café. Waiting. Love

Stop 2: Romantic riverside bikeways

After the coffee break, walk to the entrance of Jingmei Girls' Senior-high School nearby and rent a YouBike, and enjoy a ride along Yishou Street until reaching the lawn-lined riverside bike lane as you feel the breeze against your face and affectionate whispers in your ear. Life is good in a city as awesome as Taipei!
 Treasure Hill Artist Village
The bike lane runs past Treasure Hill Artist Village, a peculiar cluster of waterfront structures sloping on the undulating landscape. Climb up the hill and you will see public walls, weather-beaten houses and cramped pathways covered by creative works of the village's artists-in-residence, with further surprises awaiting you at every turn. You may also take an artist-held workshop session to craft one-of-a-kind pledges of love.
 Treasure Hill Artist Village
Treasure Hill Artist Village Treasure Hill Artist Village

A short distance away from the artists' village is the Taipei Water Park, its Parthenon-like façade supported by semicircular, Baroque columns. It's a nice place to rest your sore feet and catch your breath while watching enviable couples posing for wedding photos against a splendid backdrop, and let their happiness rub off on you and your loved one.
Taipei Water Park

Follow that chill-out-in-the-park experience with a stroll along the embankment and stop by Guting Riverside Park, which is packed with astonishingly colorful details, such as heart-shaped or Greek-styled arch gates, a colonnade and rotunda, harps and a spectacular swath of flowers that warm your heart as effectively as the welcoming sunshine in winter. When you're ready to resume your bike trip towards Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park, known for Hakka-themed gourmet eateries, remember to check out the platform atop the embankment that overlooks a corner of the City!
Guting Riverside Park Guting Riverside Park
Guting Riverside Park
Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park

Stop 3: Huashan 1914 Creative Park

After returning your YouBike, hop on an MRT train at Taipower Building Station, get off at Zhongxiao-Xinsheng Station (Exit 1) and walk 3 minutes to Huashan 1914 Creative Park, a cultural landmark merging the period-specific architectural craftsmanship of its predecessor, a winery, with indie stores. A highlight of the Park is a six-walled terra-cotta courtyard structure that once housed a camphor refiner, giving visitors the illusion of wandering into a romantically elegant and enchanting small town in Europe. A testament to inexhaustible creativity and strength, the Park is a popular hangout for youngsters and artistic souls seeking to find inspirations in exhibits and other aesthetic events.

What better way to romance your loved one as you catch a flick at SPOT Huashan before dinner, crying and laughing with movie characters while bonding during the tryst. After sundown, satisfy your culinary cravings with a post-movie dinner on the Park’s premises as the mesmerizing interplay of light and historic architecture perfectly concludes a special day.
SPOT Huashan
SPOT Huashan SPOT Huashan

Getting there:

1. Café. Waiting. Love:Take MRT Route 3 (Songshan-Xindian Line), get off at Qizhang Station, make a transfer on Bus 252, 819 or 796, get off at Jingmei Girls’ Senior-high School, walk along Yishou Street for 2 or 3 minutes to reach the café. You may also take MRT Route 1 (Wenhu Line) and get off at Wanfang Hospital Station, make a transfer on Bus Green 2 or No. 671, and get off at Jingmei Girls’ Senior-high School to find the café nearby.
2. Taipei Riverside Bikeways:Walk to the entrance to Jingmei Girls’ Senior-high School and rent a YouBike, ride along Yishou Street until the end, and you’ll see the Taipei Riverside Bikeways.
3. Huashan 1914 Creative Park:Take MRT Route 3 (Songshan-Xindian Line) at Taipower Building Station, get off at Guting Station and change to MRT Route 4 (Zhonghe-Xinlu Line), get off at Zhongxiao-Xinsheng Station (Exit 1) and take the 3-minute walk to the Park.

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