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Post date:2011-05-26


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Taipei Grand Mosque
The Taipei Grand Mosque is a center of worship for Taipei Muslims community. Designed by the renowned architect C.C. Yang, the mosque was built in 1960 with funds donated from Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. The main distinguishing feature of the mosque is its enormous domed roof. The dome is 15 meters high, 15 meters in diameter and is supported entirely without beams. The mosque is adorned with handmade Persian rugs and chandeliers presented by kings of countries allied with Taiwan. The mosque also has two minarets that rise impressively to over 20 meters. When visiting Taipei Grand Mosque, please be sure to follow the mosque rules. Only Muslims are allowed to enter the main prayer hall and second floor prayer hall for women.

Xindian Line:Guting - Taipower Building - Gongguan - Wanlong - Jingmei - Dapinglin - Qizhang - Xiaodian - Xindian City Hall - Xindian

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