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Let's Go to Dadaocheng! "Dadaocheng's Good Old Times."

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Post date:2016-12-08


Let's Go to Dadaocheng! "Dadaocheng's Good Old Times."
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I-Mei Foods Yanping Store →Boan 84 (Shuntian Hospital) → Dadaocheng Presbyterian Church → Snacks in the courtyard in front of Cisheng Temple → Starbucks' Bao-an Store → Chiang Wei-Shui Memorial Park 

I-Mei Foods Yanping Store, was once Da-An Hospital, founded by Chiang Wei-Shui. It was formerly an important starting point of Chiang Wei-Shui's national culture movement in Taipei. What was a hospital during the Japanese colonial period, is now a space dedicated to the aesthetics of living. The moment you enter the "Boan 84," you will smell the coffee aroma, so why not halt here and savor the uniquely serene atmosphere? Dadaocheng Presbyterian Church and Starbucks' Bao-an Store show the results of the blending of Eastern and Western culture, and make visitors reminisce over the old Dadaocheng's prosperity!.

Transportation: From Taipei Circle, head toward west along Nanjing West Road, turn right onto Yanping North Road, and walk toward north.

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