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The Sweet Dynasty 糖朝(統領概念旗艦店)

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2F,No. 197, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


Besides desserts, The Sweet Dynasty also serves various signature dishes, snacks, congees and noodles, such as pork ribs with tangerine, fried chicken wings in fermented bean curd, steamed rice-roll with mushrooms and bamboo fungus, barbeque pork bun, Sweet Dynasty fried rice, chicken congee with bird nest and abalone, fermented bean curd pork trotters noodle soup, Sweet Dynasty congee, etc., and there are also frequent seasonal dishes.

The Sweet Dynasty understands people’s cravings for food; hence, it is open till 2 am in the morning regardless of weekdays or weekends. Whenever you crave supper at night or desserts during the day, you can always come to The Sweet Dynasty to enjoy the sweetness of happiness.


The Sweet Dynasty from Hong Kong is a dessert store. “Sweet water” is actually dessert soup taken after meals, suitable throughout the four seasons. Located along Zhongxiao East Road, The Sweet Dynasty was established in 1991, and the Taiwan branch was set up in 2003, with another branch in Japan. The interior of the shop has an antique décor with a strong oriental style.

The not to be missed item in The Sweet Dynasty is its specially made “Recommended Wooden Barrel Bean Curd”. Other desserts such as hemp seed paste dumpling, ground walnut soup, green bean paste with fresh seaweed and red bean paste with lily bulbs, are some of the popular desserts; most ladies love the hasma jujube soup and papaya white fungus soup, which are excellent for the complexion.

Services & Facilities

  • Restaurant
  • Store

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri AM11:00-AM02:00
Sat-Sun AM10:00-AM02:00 (holidays)


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BL Bannan Line Zhongxiao Dunhua

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  • Madhavi d


    Traveler type:

    Con amigos

    Food is good but serves slowly...


    Food was very good but we waited for more than 20 minutes for our first item to be served. We ordered vegetarian items (not a lot of selections) such as noodles, rolls, vegetables, buns, etc. They were all very tasty but seem to be on the oily side (very Hong Kong style). Service was however, not so great. The staff did not show enthusiasm...well I was told this is a 24 hours service restaurant so I guess they were tired, haha.
  • Kai-Ming C

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos



    To be honest, their food is nice and special (recommended by famous Singapore/Hongkong) food critic Chua Lam), but so what. There are plenty of dim sum restaurants in Taipei that provide nice food, with at least basic level "service". First of all, information on their website said they didn't take reservation. The fact was that they did take reservation. That's our fault, cuz we should have called and asked. Very soon (lucky!), we were taken to a table with sofa chairs, more like a table in a lounge bar. Later on I was told by one of us who had been here a lot that this area was normally for having dessert rather than dim sum. Anyway, our table not a good one for having meals. Our first pot of tea took 30 mins to come. In any ordinary dim sum houses, the tea-waiting-time shouldn't be more than 3 minutes (my opinion) unless you ask for a very nice pot of tea (10 minutes should be enough I assume?), but we didn't. The guy who took our order wasn't focused at all, and he forgot to place order of tea for us. It took more than 30 minutes to see our first dish. My friend asked for some sliced hot chilli, and it also took 30 minutes to see it. It's so difficult to get a proper waiter or waitress for help, everything we wanted we had to ask for three times. And they never apologized ( I guess they thought they did nothing wrong) .
  • christopher_2021

    Slow service, mediocre food!


    Was there for lunch and upon arriving at the main desk, nobody bother to give a damn to your existence. I walk to and fro but nobody came to attend to me. Finally, I got to stop a waitress before she acknowledges meand bring me to a seat. The dian sum is OK but the roast duck, soya chicken and char Siew is beyond par of a Hong Kong chain. Will not visit them again!
  • Winniechan18

    Shanghái, China

    Traveler type:

    De negocios

    Terrible service


    Back here for business lunch as it's raining but again their service disappoint me. The new staff that wants to serve, all full of smile but I wonder how long they last. We called the 'Manager' as he is dressed in suit, double checking our dessert order as the new girl seems lost. But when he come he just show us a face of IMPATIENT AND NO EXPRESSION. I wonder they are all train that way or somehow the company doesn't care. My suggestion is they can close this restaurant so the bad impression doesn't bring to the one in HK which food tastes much better.
  • Cannie G

    싱가포르, 싱가포르

    Traveler type:


    worst place to eat!!


    go IF you've got plenty of time to waste & willing to bear with a zero service restaurant... the table seated next to me waited for a good half an hour before realising that their orders wasn't put in at all!! we thought we were lucky since 2/3 of our orders were served EXCEPT for the FAMOUS beancurd ...waited for half an hour...asked 3 different waitresses...they simply brushed me off saying they will check...waited for another 15 mins before I hit the roof top...then somebody finally told me "oh...I THINK they did NOT put in your order"!!!!!!! Yet NOBODY bother to tell me or offer an apology or explain to me what's happening!! after 45 mins of empty waiting in a NOT so crowded of all was the super BLACK FACE & arrogant staff!!!! The attitude they gave me was " GO if you can't wait...since I've got PLENTY of business"!!!! They simply KILLED the wonderful image of the humble & welcoming attitude of Taiwanese population...shame on them!! If Trip Advisor allows...I will NOT even give a ONE star rating...worth ZERO star!

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