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Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market

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Post date:2016-11-22


Known far and wide, the Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market (more commonly known as the Tonghua Night Market), and the Raohe Street Tourist Night Market are the two most popular night markets in Taipei’s East District. During the day, the Tonghua Night Market doubles as a traditional market where nearby residents and homemakers go to purchase fresh produce, meats and fish. But when night falls, it transforms into a bustling tourist night market.
  Enter the Tonghua Night Market on Keelung Road, Section 2. At this end, the majority of shops sell apparel,cessories, and household supplies. Stroll around and you can really get a feel for this season's fashion trends. As you move closer to Tonghua Street, you’ll see a dazzling array of fragrant, mouth-watering snacks! Needless to say, the food here is a major attraction, and renowned shops that have been in business for over three-decades abound. Gorge on thin-skinned pan-fried pork buns bursting at the seams, uniquely tasty Cantonese-style luwei, creative sausage concoctions, sushi from a shop that’s been passed down for three generations, as well as rice noodle soup, heibai qie, and other authentic Taiwanese snacks. Finish with tofu pudding, grass jelly, aiyu jelly, or any other local dessert. The Tonghua Night Market is sure to capture the hearts and palates of all who visit!
  In the neighborhood around the Tonghua Night Market you can find the Nanshan Movie Theater, the largest second-run movie theater in Taipei. The nearby Wenchang Street features both Chinese and Western-style furniture. At the night market entrance is Taiwan's largest pet street. The adorable pets for sale, including cats, dogs, and rabbits, entice the crowds of shoppers passing by to stop and look. Whether you come for dinner, just want to go shopping and kill time, or are a tourist who wants to experience local Taipei culture, a trip to the Tonghua Night Market is sure to provide immense satisfaction and fun!