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Qingguang Shopping District

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Post date:2016-11-22


The Qingguang Shopping District, which includes the Qingguang Market and the Shuangcheng Food Street, boasts over six decades of history. It extends from Zhongshan North Road, to Linsen North Road, and from Minzu East Road to Minquan East Road.
  After the Retrocession of Taiwan, and with the influx of US troops, in additon to this area featuring a US Army Officers’ club, a number of new businesses also began appearing in this area, including Western-style restaurants, bakeries, and bars. However, most popular of all was the dazzling array of exotic boutique shops, making this Taipei’s oldest market for imported goods and its first shopping district with a Western ambiance. At one time, Qingguang Shopping District was a bustling and prosperous area known for its fine foreign clothing, luxury department stores, and upscale jewelry boutiques. Even now, it continues to attract many loyal, long-time customers who travel long distances just to shop here.
  Today, the district is rapidly becoming Taipei’s gourmet kitchen, and its most renowned dish is Qingguang yimian (egg noodles), topped with simmered minced pork glistening with oil and fragrant crispy fried green onions. With its simple yet tasty flavors, it has captured the hearts of many. Another popular draw are ‘car-wheel’ cakes. A bite of the sweet, crispy crust, together with the ample red-bean filling is sure to satisfy. Other dishes, such as taro rice noodles, dumplings, beef noodles, and glutinous oil rice, will please even the most discerning of palates. Meal times here are ever boisterous as crowds pack into the traditional food stalls that have been handed down for generations. It’s an absolute treat!