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Guandu, Golden River Bank, Bali Bikeway

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Post date:2011-08-04


Guandu, Golden River Bank, Bali Bikeway
While in Taipei, may be you’d like to see the city by a bicycle? We recommend that you take the bike paths through Guandu, the Golden Shore, and the Bali Left bank—these are the most outstanding routes.
Before it enters the Tamsui River, the Keelung River forms a beautiful bend around Shezi Island. The north bank of the Keelung River and the area to the west of the Kuanggang River preserves some of the few remaining rice paddies in the Taipei area, and this route connects with the Kelly Bay Mangrove Ecology Pocket at the river’s mouth. On a bike, you can appreciate the simplicity of the farming villages that were once found in this area, and enjoy a sense of down-to-earth freedom. As you ride through the rich ecology of the Guandu Nature Park, you will feel the romantic magnetism of the open countryside.
The bike path through the Guandu Plain is a fully self-contained route that ends in the west at Guandu Temple. If you don’t have your own bicycle, this makes a good starting point, because the nearby Metro station has a store for bicycle or tandem bike rentals. The peddlers along the river dike section near Guandu Temple have been relocated, creating a pedestrian trail. The fishing boats tied up at the dock next to the Zhonggang River bridge add a nostalgic touch of fishing harbor atmosphere.
These three bicycle routes along rivers are fully marked, and have many scenic points along the way. Come quick and experience these exhilarating journeys!


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