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Bangka Qingshui Temple

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Post date:2010-09-01


BangKa Qingshui Temple
After exiting Longshan Temple station, you can reach Qingshui Temple after walking approximately five minutes.
Qingshui Temple was built during the 18th century—it is more than 200 years old. This temple together with Longshan Temple and Dalongdong Bao’an Temple are called the “three great temples of Taipei.” Meanwhile, it is one of the three great Zushi Temples, together with the Zushi Temples in Sanhsia and Tamsui.
Seven Qingshui Zushi deities are worshipped in the temple, but the one known as Penglai Zushi is considered the most powerful. It is said that when any disaster is about to strike in the area, the nose of Qingshui Zushi will drop off as a warning. People in Taiwan also call Qingshui Zushi “Black-faced Zushi” because according to legend a ghost once burned Zushi’s face in a great fire while he was praying. However, the rest of his body was miraculously spared.
Legends aside, though, anyone who comes to visit Qingshui Temple will certainly want to appreciate the beauty of its architecture. The solid, plain style of this temple is considered to be the best of the mid-Qing style and artistic standards in Taiwan. In addition, the wooden plaque reading Gong zi cheng ji (“A merit that is up to the level of salvation”) was presented by the Guangxu Emperor of the Qing dynasty, and has a great historical significance.
In the old streets near Qingshui Temple are numerous stores selling clothes, hardware, and bicycles. It is also quite close to the Huaxi Street Night Market, so strolling through the temple and following it with a meal in the night market is one effective way of sampling the local flavor.


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