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Important events and festivals

Join the events and festivals in Taipei and have a blast!

All sorts of events and festivals take place in Taipei throughout the year. Just to name some of the most celebrated ones, the traditionally festive Taipei Lantern Festival, the picturesque Yangmingshan Flower Festival, the vibrant Taipei Riverside Festival or the exhilarating New Year’s Eve Countdown Party, all of which are great opportunities for you to engage in the floral, sports, art and cultural features Taipei has to offer!

Fun guaranteed all year round

Diverse types of events

  • Tourism event

    Tourism event

    Taipei is often the first stop for travelers to Taiwan. It has a whole lot to offer, including history, latest trends, culture and more. The first visit to Taipei will definitely create memories that you will hold dear in a lifetime. Look for events that interest and intrigue you, and get ready for the exciting new experiences that await in Taipei!

  • Religious festival

    Religious festival

    The diversity in religious beliefs is a major trait of Taiwan. Taipei is also home to a variety of ethnic groups, featuring well-preserved religious architectures, literature and history. Taipei is where people of different beliefs can all find peace and consolation.

  • Sports event

    Sports event

    Baseball, badminton, marathon and a variety of other sports events can easily bring people together, sharing the intense enthusiasm and pure joy. If you are into sports, Taipei is where you will find the incredible sports momentum!

  • Cultural exhibition

    Cultural exhibition

    Culture is a shared value to be passed down to enrich our soil. While Taipei never ceases to further prosper, the narrow alleys and lanes tucked away in this urban jungle are quite well preserved, creating a unique exhibition of the old meeting the new.

The most anticipated event of the season

  • 2021 YangMingShan Flower Festival

    2021 YangMingShan Flower Festival



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