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COMPUTEX 2017: Creating IoT Technology Ecosystem to Become Benchmark Exhibition for Global Smart Tech Supply Chain

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Post date:2017-05-05



One of the Top 3 Global IT Exhibitions – The COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017 - will take place from May 30th through June 3rd in Taipei. The co-organizers Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and the Taiwan External Trade Council (TAITRA) jointly announced the participation of 1,600 companies and 5,010 booths this year.

TCA notes that this year’s exhibition will focus on 6 major themes: IoT, Startup, AI, Gaming, AR/VR, and Business Solutions. The event seeks to provide brands, manufacturers, channel providers, telecom companies, software businesses, system integrators, venture capitalists, and startups a professional one-stop-service for B2B purchasing of IoT and ICT ecosystem members. The InnoVEX Special Exhibit, taking place simultaneously, will feature 230 international startup teams from 20 countries. It will also feature a business pitch competition with a first prize of 30,000 US dollars, to promote COMPUTEX as Asia’s largest international matching platform for startup teams and IT industry.

Renowned Technology Manufacturers Congregate at COMPUTEX to Display IoT and AI Service Opportunities

TCA points out that major technology companies such as Acer, ASUS, Delta, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, QCT, Super Micro, Wiwynn, as well as first-time exhibitors Tesla and Dell, will present a variety of IoT and Cloud integrated applications. Such applications introduce AI analysis, voice control interface, and big-data cloud computing. The companies seek to provide a more complete set of IoT+AI services, meet the needs of next generation consumer technologies, and participate in a variety of vertical market opportunities.

Smart Tech Becomes Mainstream, Pioneering the Innovative Technology Market

TCA states that smart technology has become an essential element in next generation products and services, The SmarTEX exhibit at WTC Hall 1 houses nearly 130 companies displaying a wide range of hardware and software integrated IoT products. Such products include: smart speakers with voice command functions, smart glasses for industrial, medical, emergency rescue and exhibition guide use, smart watches that adopt wearable medical detection algorithms, industrial grade hand-held 3D scanners, smart bluetooth net structure home controller, etc. The exhibits also provide customization options, allowing international buyers to purchase IoT products directly.

TCA points out that innovation in materials, technology, and hardware-and-software integration are essential in developing new products. To allow international buyers to pre-experience Taiwan’s industrial technology capabilities, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will set up a Smart System Pavilion spotlighting the 3 major themes of Smart City, Smart Imaging, and Smart Biotech, to showcase the innovative achievements of over 30 smart systems in chemical materials, precision machinery, optoelectronic technology, and biomedical technology. This showcase will present Taiwan’s capabilities in smart system development and future market opportunities.

Taiwan IT Supply Chain: the Ideal Partner for Global IoT Industry

TCA Deputy Director General Zhang Li pointed out that the era of IoT, cloud computing services – such as AI and Big Data – all require the presence of smart terminal equipment (or iDevice) for consumers to access data. The surge of information brought about by the IoT is the basis for AI big-data analysis, but such data also require storage at a large number of servers linked together by high speed internet. Therefore, even in the age of IoT, the need of large quantity hardware still exists. The supply chain + IC design + precision manufacturing integration in Taiwan makes us the best partner for global IoT industry. As for AI development strategy in Taiwan, Zhang believes that we should first identify market needs before developing related products and services, because Taiwan does not have enough market resources to develop a wide range of AI applications. Zhang also points out that COMPUTEX and InnoVEX are Taiwan’s most international trade exhibition and startup matching platform. He welcomes international buyers to visit the exhibition.

Computex Taipei 2017 takes place between May 30 and June 3.