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Taipei’s Hiking Trail: An Intimate Contact with Nature

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Post date:2017-11-17



With the growing pressure of modern life, more and more people are seeking quick escape to the outdoors during the weekends.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) invites you to come and experience Taipei’s natural surroundings by visiting one of the City’s many hiking trails to refresh yourself by basking in the atmosphere of the forest and mountains.The agency lists the “Xiaoxitou Circle Trail” – combining Bixi Trails, Daluntoushan Forest Trails, and Daluntoushan Natural Trails – as the top pick for those looking for interconnected trail routes which allow users to breathe in the rich phytoncides emitted by the surrounding plant life.

In addition, the trail boasts the only “treehouse” concept-based structure in Taipei – the “Tree Pavilion.” Featuring an easy ascent to the top of the old tree, the facility provides visitors with an excellent view of the forest. To access the Xiaoxitou Circle Trail, visitors can take the S1 bus and disembark at the Neishuangxi stop. The entrance to the trail is a ten-minute walk from the bus stop.According to Chief Chen Yen-cheng of GEO Industrial and Trail Section, visitors can find viewing platforms along the Xiaoxitou Trail which allows them to catch beautiful glimpses of Taipei City, as well as wildlife such as squirrels and Taiwan blue magpies.

To preserve the natural surrounding and biodiversity of the area, the agency employed wooden walkways to ensure minimal disturbances to animal paths, as well as natural materials such as pebbles and sawdust for trails to maintain water permeability.GEO also reminds hikers to make all necessary preparations before embarking on a trip into the mountains, as well as taking heed of weather conditions and staying alert when walking on wet trails.