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Cycling Destinations with Cherry Blossoms on Yangmingshan

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Post date:2018-01-26



The season of blooming cherry blossoms has kicked-off with the beautiful flowers blooming at Pingjing Street!
The majority of cherry blossoms along Pingjing Street belong to the species Cerasus Kanazawa and Cerasus serrulata. Due to their early blooming schedule, they are often the ones to signal the start of northern Taiwan’s cherry blossom viewing season.
To accommodate travelers on bicycles who visit this destination, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) established two cyclist rest areas on Pingjing Street and Jingshan Road, respectively. The “Xishan Cyclist Rest Area,” located at Lane 71 of Zhishan Road Section 3, is Taipei City’s first rest area for cyclists traveling in the mountainous region. The forest of cherry blossom in the vicinity is a great place to watch the sakura flowers while recovering from the long ride.
When traveling in the direction of Lengshuikeng on Jingshan Road, cyclists will pass the Jingshan Cyclist Rest Area during their trip. The route boasts different scenarios during different seasons – a great place to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn. One of the notable landmarks in the vicinity is the flower petal-flooded radar station at Lane 131 of Jingshan Road.  
According to Chief Chen from the agency, the rest stops are designed with cyclists in mind, merging surrounding landscape with local characteristics. Both cyclist rest areas are located in close proximity to tourist attractions and provide great views of the Greater Taipei Area.