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April Highlights at Expo Farmers Market

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Post date:2018-03-31



Taipei Expo Farmers Market will be rolling out a series of events in April.
During the first weekend of April (March 31 – April 1), the market will feature an array of specialty produce from across Taiwan, with the following weekend (April 7-8) spotlighting plums from Nantou.
The spring months – between March and May – mark the harvest season for plums. When the crunchy green plums are in, it is time to make pickled plums, plum wine, or even plum-flavored ice cream! Next up is the Hualien Arrow Bamboo Shoot Weekend (April 14-15). The period around Tomb Sweeping Day is the best time for enjoying bamboo shoot. Rich in dietary fiber and protein, arrow bamboo shoots help digestion and boost metabolism. The weekend of April 21-22 is the Yilan Organic Produce Weekend. For the last weekend of April, the focus falls upon Tainan pineapples (April 28-29). In addition to being a popular snacking fruit, locally grown pineapples also make for a health booster.  
A pickled plum DIY activity will be held during the Nantou Plum Weekend. Participants can make their own pickled plums by pounding the fresh fruits and coating them with coarse salt. For the April 21-22 weekend, there will be a raffle. Those who have a combined purchase of more than NT$ 1,000 at the market can enter the contest to try their luck. A total of 300 handpicked prizes will be given out. The last weekend in April will see a ping-pong ball blowing game. So hit the farmers market to join the fun while shopping for the fresh, in-season produce.
Taipei Expo Farmers Market offers a wide selection of fresh produce and seasonal items from across Taiwan. There will also be music performances on either Saturdays or Sundays (2:30 PM-3:00 PM). To learn more about upcoming events, please visit the farmers market Facebook page or website.
Taipei Expo Farmers Market:
Date and Time: Sundays, Sundays. 10 AM – 6 PM.
Venue: Yuanshan Plaza of Taipei Expo Park
(Located near Exit No. 1 of MRT Yuanshan Station)

April Highlights at Expo Farmers Market

April Highlights at Expo Farmers Market