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Map Flooring Installed at Taipei Main Station to Help Navigation

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Post date:2018-04-19



From April 14 onwards, visitors at Taipei Railway Station will see printed station maps on the floors of several locations, as well as at the neighboring underground malls. The measure is implemented on a trial basis by the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) in collaboration with relevant administrative entities.

According to TPEDOIT Commissioner Chen Su-yu, Taipei Main Station is the busiest traffic hub in terms of passenger volume. With more than 70 entrances and exits, as well as multiple walkways in and around the complex, the facility is notorious for being a huge labyrinth when visitors try to find their way around – even with all the existing signage and floor plans.

The large map flooring, measuring 200 cm by 150 cm, is designed to help passengers identify their whereabouts within the complex. The trial will run for one month and the performance will be reviewed to determine if it should be continued. TPEDOIT encourages the public to give feedback on the maps’ effectiveness and will dispatch personnel to survey user experience.

Prior to the TPEDOIT’s trial, the Department of Transportation (DOT) had launched an indoor navigation app to help passengers find their way in Taipei Railway Station. It is available for downloads on both Android and iOS devices.

The navigation app provides more functions than navigation in and around Taipei Main Station. Other features include traffic information, smart parking, and shop directory, and smart signage (kiosk). Vibration and voice modes are also available. Users can even use the app to find the closest ticket office, bathroom, ATM, locker, accessibility service and many more!

Map Flooring Installed at Taipei Main Station to Help Navigation