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Unfazed by the Cold Weather, Beautiful Plum Blossoms Bloom in the CKS Shilin Residence Park

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Post date:2019-01-16



Every January, crowds of people are drawn to the blooming plum blossoms, but many of the famous spots to view the plum blossoms are located in the mountains where traffic is inconvenient. The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) would like to especially recommend the CKS Shilin Residence Park to all citizens, which isn’t too far from them and is also reachable by MRT. 

There are more than 100 plum blossom trees planted at the CKS Shilin Residence Park, and during every plum blossom season, the sight of them stops visitors in their tracks. The snow-white plum blossoms that bloom on the trees’ branches are a refreshing sight that attracts many photography enthusiasts.

Huang Li-yuan, the Director of the PSLO, said that a group of mature plum trees are planted inside the rose garden of the CKS Shilin Residence Park. These trees carry historical significance, as the plum trees represent Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling is represented by her favorite roses. As they correspond to one another, the pairing of the roses and plum trees also symbolizes the firm love they had for each other. The plum trees that are currently blossoming make the scene even more fitting, as people can walk through the CKS Shilin Residence Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the pleasant fragrance of the plum blossoms.

He Chi-hua, Director of the Horticulture Management Division, added that the plum tree is a deciduous Rosaceae Prunus tree, which can grow a height between 4 to 10 meters. The crown of the plum tree is open, and the trunk is a brownish purple or light gray. The flowering period of the tree is winter and spring, and the plum tree’s flowers have five petals with a diameter of 1-3cm. The colors of the plum flowers can be white, rose red, or crimson and during the winter, the low temperature and damp conditions are even more suitable for them to bloom. Their flowers are a representation of their persevering spirit and they fill the park like winter snow, making the plum blossoms a beautiful sight worthy of your visit.

Roughly 20-30% of the plum blossom trees at the CKS Shilin Residence Park have bloomed, and this weekend is expected to be the best time to admire them. The plum blossoms have a very short flowering phase, so visitors are encouraged to plan their trips as early as possible to make the most out of their blossoming period and admire their beautiful sight.

CKS Shilin Residence Park
1. Walk for about 7 minutes from Exit 2 of the MRT Shilin Station.
2. Search for the Taipower Taipei North Branch Station, Shilin Official Residence, Station and Xiaobei Street Station of the Taipei Joint Bus System to arrive by bus.