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MRT 10 Billionth Passenger Celebrations Have Started

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Post date:2019-03-18



Registration for Night-Time Backstage Tour Opened March 8

The MRT network will soon serve its ten billionth passenger! To thank our passengers and fans, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) is holding a series of celebratory events, including a Taipei Metro Night Shift Backstage Tour on Saturday, March 23 for people to get a unique backstage peek into the metro system’s nighttime operations. Besides a visit to the metro system control room, visitors will be able to observe track welding up close, experience the street where automatic trains are washed, and witness the night duty station manager’s work, among other activities. Slots on the exclusive free tour are limited to 50 people only. Because the event is at night, the minimum participant age is 20. Sign up now to secure your place! Registration for this activity runs from Friday, March 8, 10:00 through Friday, March 15, noon and can be done at:

"How do MRT trains move? Little Dino, do you know…?” TRTC has created the internet celebrity HowHow to show us all on his own how all the work at Taipei’s metro system is done. He’ll use humor, props, and a railway mirror to show people how their loyal friend who takes them to work, family, and shopping, actually works.

Many people dream of driving a train, and HowHow was lucky enough to see his dream come true! In the electric train driving simulator, he discovered how many things there were to keep an eye on in order to make a train ride go smoothly. Next he visited the train depot in Beitou where he checked carriages for obstructions and malfunctions and practiced making on-board announcements to the passengers. Next he learned how to close all carriage doors properly. His last station was about “laundering money”: cleaning the single-fare metro tokens in a soap bath and hot-air drier to make sure that there are clean tokens for everyone every day.

As life in Taipei has changed over time, so has its world-leading, award-winning MRT network: from simply a system for transporting commuters, the metro has become an indispensable part of residents’ and visitors’ leisure activities. TRTC thanks everyone for their company, because only together can staff and passengers make Taipei’s subway one of the most punctual, clean, safe, and convenient metro systems in the world. Let’s welcome the ten billionth passenger together!

For further information, please contact TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline: (02) 218-12345 or the 1999 Citizen Hotline (TEL: 02-2720-8889 when calling from outside Taipei) or the TRTC’s Chinese website: